Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 2 - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Christmas-Eve-sans-Elder Heimuli at Ichiban Japanese restaurant. Hoping they have sushi in the MTC, but I don't know.....Pictured below (L to R): Lakei, Pania, Jessye Johnson, Harrison, Hevynn, Norma, Hema, Houston, Sifa, Grandpa, the-back-of-Grandma's head, Charney taking the photo

Hola mi familia!
So it is almost the end of week 2 and it feels more like the end of month 2. I'm glad to hear that everyone had a good christmas--and it sounds like you had a big group this year! I'm sure Jessye had fun, she might have been a little worried at first but i bet you guys made her feel just fine. Hopefully everyone else had fun w her there! hahaha and i'm happy that you guys ACTUALLY got some sleep this Christmas w/o me there. Tell Harrison and the rest of the family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...i'm sad i'll be missing the Japanese food and the fireworks--but i'm sure i'll have loads of fun...learning
Not gonna lie, week 2 was not much fun for me...especially around Christmas time. Probably the best part of this whole week is writing to you guys right now. I didn't think i'd say this but I maybe miss home a little bit...
Christmas was alright, besides the three 2 hour devotionals that we had. Elder _____ and his wife came and spoke to us, which was really cool. The funniest part is when Elder _____'s wife made a comment about Santa isn't real and if that's news to anyone in the MTC that's kinda sad--what she didn't realize is that the mission President's grand kids (about 5 and 7) were in the room too! Oh well, they had to grow up sometime right? Christmas was a cool experience here and it's one very few people get to say they have done. But Christmas really isn't the same when you're not with your family.
I have relied more and more on the Spirit to help me as the days go on...My reason for coming is not the reason i'm staying anymore. I realized that i came for myself, because i want a family and to be a good father and husband and such, but the reason i'm staying is for God. I know i can do this and once i get out in the field i'll feel so much better...I have taught lessons w the spirit and it feels so good to be able to have the Holy Ghost take control and just tell me what i should say...
I'm not getting fat. i've been working out twice everyday and i'm slightly more tired but slightly less fat, so it's a good trade off. I get up at 6 and run and then at night i do those workouts Houston gives me! Hooray! tell him he's my hero!
So all in all, i am still learning and still growing spiritually. i love that part. And i'm excited for tomorrow when Ben and Connor come in! Hopefully they're in my district! I am holding on to God to help me and i know i;'ll be fine...
Sorry, i don't have my scriptures again and i can't remember what the reference is, but the the scripture says something like, "think not on the hour on what ye shall say for it shall be given unto you the very moment that thou needest..." or something like that. i think that this is very important to know.
I love you all and i'm sorry that this is such a short letter, i type really slow i guess. I think and pray for everyone of you guys! tell Ben Heimuli to keep on trucking, he's doin great! Happy New Year mi familia favorita!
(and try to find a microcasset player, i sent something in the mail for you guys...)
Love, Elder Heimuli

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  1. He sounds wonderful, Aren't we lucky to have such strong young sons. I hope and pray that the Lord will continue to teach and protect each one of them. Thanks for sharing Helam's letters