Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Semana 7 - Elder Heimuli is 19!

(Note from Mom:  Only 3 more weeks in the MTC -- Elder H leaves Feb. 22nd.  You can see that his Spanish is MUCH improved!  Wish I could say the same for his English...........oh well.)

Well que paso?
How's it goin mi familia? From what i hear everything is goin good...for the most part hahaha! So what's this i hear about everyone cutting their hair? What the craps? I want to grow my hair out when i get home, but how am i supposed to do it when everyone is gonna cut theirs short? I guess i'll see the damage when i see the pics.
Houston's hair (Before)

Houston's hair (After)

Speaking of pics, sorry for not sending any. I'm kinda busy and the moment and the printer for the pictures has been broken, but no worries, i'll be sendings shots of my ugly, skinny mug soon! Elder Hamilton tells me everytime i see him that i'm wasting away. He gives me crap cuz i'll be too small to play football when i get home! i hope not! Everything is goin good here! I'm slowly learning more and more spanish and it's awsome! Oh, and i also am trying to learn Tongan too. I am friends with a lot of the Tongan elders over here and they are slowly teaching me. Apparently it's not as hard as spanish cuz there's no crazy conjugations like spanish, but so far it's a fail. So, padre, if you could help me by sending some things in Tongan, that would be great! i already have a tongan BoM and a tongan missionary handbook. Oh, and i can't believe i forgot to mention this, but one of the elders that i'm friends with here now is Elder Ho'Ching (A'i). We talk about our little league days and how awsome my Viewmont team was hahaha! He said he was so mad when he kept losing to us, he'd throw his helmet at people haha. He's goin to BYU now, so that's way cool!
Thank you all so much for the wonderful birthday packages! My birthday was awsome! (even though i forgot it was my birthday hahaah) All the elders just love all the food and stuff you sent! That picture message was really cool and i had a lot of fun putting that together! How did you get so many pictures?

(H - Houston, A - Jessye, PP - Thor, Des & Baby Thor, Y - Dallan, 19th - Leah, Micah & Jonah, B - Elder Soliai in Japan, I - Terina, R - Dakota, T - Sifa, H - Grandpa & Grandma, D - Noah, A - Dad & Mom, Y - Norma & Hema, H - Hevynn, E - Evan, L - Dallin, A - Harrison, M - Houston again, ! - Elder Pili in Alabama)

I love all the things that were sent, and thank Hema and Norma for their cool presents! I'll send them a real letter today, i've just been really busy, so sorry! fyi, Elder Haight's birthday is on the 27th, so we both turned ninteen last thursday and friday. It's weird being so old. I wake up in the morning and my back hurts, and my knee too and i have no idea how that happened! I want to be a young gun again! Plus, it's lame cuz i can't say that i'm a young missionary anymore...i'm just the same as every other elder here...I'm still getting packages from people! The Miller's sent me some donuts and junior mints, that was a nice surprise! It's reallly nice to listen to real music (compliments of the H/N couple) that is so amazing! now we don't have to struggle to pull the lyrics from our brains of the songs of our former lives...

So G+G sent me a texas sheet cake! So i got called to the main lobby and i was supposed to meet my 'branch president' there and i was freaked out a bit cuz i thought i was in trouble or something...but it turns out that it was President and Sister Laumatia! And they had this HUGE box for me! i was releaved cuz i wasn't in trouble or anything! The cake and everything was in there! it was nice to hear from them! I also got an invitation for Tai's wedding! i felt special!
I also got a georgia tie pin from Evan Parry, and a CTR ring from Jessye. Those were cool! I am so lucky to have so many people that care for me and it's a bummer i had to be in the MTC for almost 2 months to realize it! One thing that i've learned out here is an appreciation for all the things and people that are blessings in my life! God has given so many things to us, and we don't even reallize it! The sooner we can recognize those, the sooner we can be happy!

We get some new missionaries this week! Finally! 5 elders and 3 sisters! Hopefully we get to host this week and next week and the next week...then we're gone! Whoo! Georgia! Lessons in Spanish have become easier and easier and i can actually kinda keep up with people when they speak! Hema's letters actually make sense to me and i can actually write back! I know that this is because of the gift of tongues!

The scripture that i though would be good this week is in 3Ne...i forgot the exact chapter cuz i don't have my notes with me...but search 'wiseman' and look for the one in 3Ne. It's the good ol' tale of the wiseman and the foolish man...but i learned something very significant that you can't learn in primary. It's 3 verses, so read them and compare? What was the difference between the two examples? What did they both do? what did the foolish man not do? How can this apply to life? I know that if you study this story and pray about it, you will realize what i have! The word 'hearken' is such an important word in the scriptures and it really does make a differece!

Sorry if  is really short, half an hour really isn't all that long! I love and pray for every one of you guys! i also thank our Heavenly Father every night that you are all a part of my hectic life. sorry i have been so stubborn and i am trying to change! love you! love you! love you!
love, elder heimuli

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