Friday, February 25, 2011

Provo MTC Celebrates 50th Anniversary?

We thought he was long gone to Atlanta on Tuesday -- at least his 5-minute phone call from the SLC airport, then his 10-second phone call later that day from Atlanta, combined with the quick email from his Mission President led us to believe he was gone...

We have met your son and love him!  He is doing well and we sent him to his first area which is in Marietta Georgia in the greater Atlanta area.  His trainer is an Elder Jones.  We are counting on him being a real leader for us!  Thank you again for all you have done.
Pres. Satterfield

...but Wednesday night, KSL aired a news piece on the MTC's 50th Anniversary and there was Elder Heimuli -- where else? -- in the cafeteria (sitting next to the bald elder)!  See if there's a missionary you recognize at this link:

The entire story unfolds between General Conference sessions on Sunday, April 3rd at 1pm on KSL.

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