Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Semana 7 or 8? (Note from Mom: It's Semana 8)

Hola familia!
Everything is goin good here! We got a new district in our zone last wednesday: 5 elders and 3 sisters. They're all really nice missionaries! It's crazy cuz i feel like they're are so young, but at the same time i know that i am the youngest missionary in our whole zone hahaha! Don't worry, i'm being a good example to them, like always! Just like how i was such a good example when i was home! It's been two months already and it's felt like 6! I am glad i've had the opporitunity to be here and learn, but i am so excited to go to Georgia! I just talk to more and more people from Georgia and they all say it's amazing! If it's true, i might just have to move back once i'm done with school and everything huh?
Funny story from i was teaching the plan of salvation and i was talking about the three kingdoms of glory. I didn't know the word for 'kingdom' so my comp told me it was 'reina' and since he is so knowledgeable in the ways of Spanish (and the word for 'king' is 'rey') i just went with it. I explained to the investigator that we will be seperated into three 'reinas.' I told him we have the 'reina de celestial' the 'reina de terrestrial' and the 'reina de telestial.' I told him that our goal is to live with God again in the highest 'reina' and that we will be blessed. After our lesson my evaluator came in laughing and said that 'reina' means 'queen' and 'reinO' means 'kingdom' hahhaha i felt so stupid. Other than that incident i am still working hard on learning and teaching with the spanish language and atleast i know the difference between 'reino and reina' and i probably won't ever forget that.
When i heard about the car accident and how the holy ghost gave that prompting, i immediately knelt down and gave a prayer of thanks to God. It was funny cuz it was in the middle of choir practice and i told everyone to shut up, but i was so grateful for that. I know that prayers are answered and that even though i pray for the same things everyday, it's for good reason. Thank you for being such a good family and doing what is necessary to recieve that counsel from the spirit. I am working harder than ever now so you can all continue to recieve blessings, this calling has become that much more important to me.
(Note from Mom: The pic of the car running into the building is actually from my work -- I'm not THAT bad of a driver!  Just wanted you to see that it could have been worse.  Below, is my car...yeah, it's still pretty bad.) 
Now, as for dad and not being able to run on a treadmill for two seconds without dying, i don't think the spirit can help you with that much. Maybe it'll prompt you to eat a salad instead of a steak, but who knows;) I pray for Dad every night and every morning! I can sympathize though, cuz even though i have lost a ton of weight (and you will never fatten me up cuz my zone eats the food before i can touch it) I run 100 yards and my lungs feel like they're gonna break! I am so out of shape, but my spiritual is so much better...that's all that matters right?
I hope i receive my flight plans this week! Its crazy that i only have one pday left and then i'll be on a plane to Atlanta! I can't even explain how exciting it is! My district is slowly imploding from the outside. Everyone's nerves are frayed. I try every day to talk to each elder individually and figure out how to resolve problems. Thats pretty much my responsibility: not to have them kill each other before our departure date. Thanks for the offer to help my district. I will let you know if we need anything but as of now, we're good. They all love the food you send so that's all they need ahahaah!
Oh, side note, i am sending pictures really soon! Sorry for the lateness! Oh, and i also got a picture with Elder Young yesterday cuz he left early this morning! He's supposed to send it to his mom so...yeah!

(Below:  Elder Ethan Young - Missouri St. Louis...he has a GREAT picture-sharing mom!)
Can you tell Dad that he needs to translate when he writes in Tongan! I can't even understand his english let alone his tongan hahahaah jk jk...but seriously:)
Our Superbowl Sunday was good...we at some chips and queso at night and celebrated the downfall of the Steelers! Hooray! The fast and testimony meeting was a great experience and i wrote more about it in my letter to the Heimuli clan!
We watched the Testaments again that night and the ending always gets me! Why did you name me Helam? it's all your fault! haha im kidding! We learned about the importance of our names and i am working hard to represent the Heimuli name well. It's crazy how many people know dad and Hema here! I hope i don't shame them by playing for Weber haha!
Sorry i don't have a scripture, i'll send a good one in the letter to the whole family! Rememeber that through Christ we can do all things!
You're all so busy now and i can totally relate!
Love you all! i pray for you all!
Love, Elder Heimuli

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  1. Wait...Did you run into that car that is inside that house? When was the accident? What happened?