Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Semana 9 - Crazry Crazyness...For Everyone, There is a Time To Go

NOTE: Here are some pictures taken in the MTC, finally sent to us by Elder H. Also, this letter -- being probably his last in the MTC -- mentions some tender farewells: a Tongan elder who will not see his sister again in this life; a Districto D elder who will see his family sooner than expected; and Elder H who will part from his new "brothers" as everyone goes into the 4 corners of the earth.

Apparently, one of the first things they teach in the MTC is "how to walk on walls" -- Helam's oldest brother Hema sent us a similar photo 5 years ago!  A lesser-known fact:  According to Elder Heimuli, everyone in the movie "Matrix" is an R.M.!

Elder Heimuli LOVES packages filled with letters and food!  What he doesn't love, obviously, is running out of Easy Cheese when he still has Ritz crackers left...yes, that is the worst.

Speaking of letters, Elder H's younger brother Houston likes to write letters on unusual surfaces.  Here's Houston's first "t.p." letter to his brother...followed by letters on a green apple, paper towel roll, packing puff, candy bar label, etc., etc.  Oh, junior high-schoolers!
Que tal familia!

Well, it has been nine weeks and what an exciting 9 weeks it's been! I've learned a lot here and i am ready to go to Georgia! First of all, i just want to thank you all for the Valentine's package! My zone is the most thankful though haha! They all loved the bags of treats! We got a HUGE amount of candy this week and i feel ashamed...i've been eating nothing but chocolate for the past 3 days. Your dream of getting me fat might come a reality real soon! This past week has been good and it has actually flown by pretty quick! I hope i can remember everything that has happened!

Well, there is an Elder Tomasi that's here. He is from tonga. He is actually Elder Joe Leishman's companion! Anyways, so Friday he got a letter from his family that told him that his sister had just died. I don't know too many specifics cuz it's not my place to know. The whole day he just sat and stared off during lunch and dinner and he was just really tired. I tried to talk with him but he was just so quiet and didn't really react much. I can't imagine how hard this must be for him. I just told him if he needed anything just to let me know and i left. So later, i got together with Elder Ho'ching (this was his idea) and the other polynesian elders that are here and we all got some money together to send to Elder Tomasi's mom. None of these numbers matters, but Elder Ho'ching and I both gave 100 each (it was my birthday money, and i don't need it) and the other couple elders gave money too. It ended up being a total of over 400 dollars. All of the poly elders took the money to Elder Tomasi (i couldn't go cuz i had class) later that night. The next day Elder Ho'ching told me about it and said he was really grateful. I've been praying for him every night since. I've actually seen him smile a couple times since then when i talk to him and i know that he knows that he is loved--most of all by his father in heaven. He will see his sister again and i know that has been such a testimony builder for me. I love being polynesian and having that 'family' connection even though we're not even related!

Another thing that happened is that Elder ______ went home yesterday. I don't know what happened exactly, but i know that he made that decision on his own and that takes a lot of courage and trust in the Lord. I was able to interview him cuz i'm the district leader and we talked for a little. He just told me how he has seen such good examples since he's been here. Everyone that he's come in contact with has made him want to be the best he can be. It was really sad. We were in class (we'd known for a couple days) and Hermano B came in. Before class started, Elder _____ stood up, took a picture with Hermano B, said a few words, hugged all of us in our district, and then walked out the door.

The last couple days have been CRAZRY cuz things  have changed so much. Our district is down to 5 elders. The other district that came in with us on Dec. 15th left. There is only one Elder left from that district and he is staying with us. He should be leaving in the next couple days so we'll just be a small group. I've gotten so close to everyone here and it's a bummer that we all have to be split apart! CRAZYNESS! This is my last real p day. i think i'll write on monday before i leave tuesday.

I got my flight plans! So i leave next tuesday morning at 4 in the moring! My direct flight to Atlanta leaves at 7 in the morning and i get there at around 1! So I am starting to get things ready to go! I am so excited it's ridiculous! i am so not ready, but then again, the Lord qualifies us for his work! If you want me to call next tuesday make sure you're up early hahaha! if you want to sleep that's cool too:) Just before i forget, sorry, but if my black nike backpack isn't being used, can you please send that to me? i don't have a real bag to carry my stuff in and i need it to be my carry on bag for the flight! Thank you for doing that!

I just want to bear my quick testimony...I know that i am here for a reason! I know that through my hard work and dedication here my family (present and future) will be blessed more than we know! Hema is such a good, nice, thoughtful husband because of it (Norma can testify of that:)) and i want to be just like him! I know that him and the other men in our family have set that example so future generations can continue to follow in their footsteps and represent the Heimuli name with pride! I know that God loves us and i know that if we just move forward in just a little bit of faith, we can do all things! There is a teacher here that served in the same zone as Hema in Ecuador, (Hermano Palmer) and even though he didn't know him personally, Hema's reputation of being a hard working Elder preceeded him! i want to be that!

I love you all! I pray for you all! sorry for this letter being short....they'll be a lot longer in the field, i promise!

Love, Elder Heimuli

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  1. Love the letters, thank you! I actually heard the story a little differently from Elder Leishman's blog and know that Elder Tomasi hasn't received any letters from his family and that they are hoping to get as many as they can to him- especially at this time.

    Hope Elder H got my letter I sent him earlier this week!! Or at least before he leaves!! :)