Tuesday, November 20, 2012

HOME AT LAST...and first thoughts

November 15, 2012

Elder Heimuli arrived at the Salt Lake City International Airport.  His oldest brother Hema was able to snap this photo of him arriving at Gate C13...ahh, the perks of working for Delta Airlines!

Elder Heimuli smiles as he enters the gate area with traveling companion, Elder "Driving" Nguyen, and sees Hema standing there 
Coming down the escalator, Elder Heimuli makes his way into Mom's open arms.  Harrison will just have to wait 'til Mom gets a hug first!

Mom, Elder Heimuli and Harrison

Elder Heimuli gets a big huge bear hug from Dad

Grandpa Tom Murray, Elder Heimuli, and Grandpa Peni Heimuli

Family photo at the Airport
front row: Lauryn Pili (holding white sign) & Houston Heimuli (the weird one on the ground)
second row: Melisa Heimuli & Aka Heimuli (holding balloons)
third row: Jojo Pili (holding red sign) & Harrison Heimuli
last row: Dad Lakei Heimuli, Uncle Ricky Soliai, Bro Hema Heimuli, Sis-in-law Norma Heimuli, Kastle Soliai, Elder Heimuli, Mom Pania Heimuli, Grandpa Peni Heimuli and Grandpa Tom Murray

Harrison & Elder Heimuli leaving the airport and heading straight to the Stake Center for Elder Heimuli's release
First thoughts that popped into my head when I saw Helam at the top of the escalator:



Stripling Warrior.

Another Good Son.



  1. Thanks for sharing the moment....... of course it brought tears to my eyes - happiness for you - and anticipation for me..... 12 more weeks......

  2. I am really going to miss this blog! There is such a wonderful spirit manifest when reading about these righteous representatives of the Savior. Thank you for sharing Helam's letters with us!

  3. We sure love your family and have enjoyed reading about Helam's mission. Yes, he is a Stripling Warrior, he will continue to accomplish great things in his life. We will miss the weekly connection with your family through this blog. Happy Thanksgiving!