Monday, January 30, 2012

Semana 59 - Turning 20...and There Was Much Rejoicing!

Hey Mom!!!

Well, you are officially writing to your 20 year old son! Is that weird for you, cuz it definately is for me! I look in the mirror and say, "Whoa, you're old! So that's what a 20 year old looks like...nah, not possible, you still look 18."

But then if you ask anyone out here (porque todos son enanos) they all think I'm 25 just cuz I'm SO tall haha.

I'm gonna start from the beginning of the week.

P-day we found out that we were staying together and there was much rejoicing.

Yes, I am bummed that I still have to study for 4 hours everyday because of the training plan that Padawan has to do, but it's all good. We're glad to be staying. So, that meant this wednesday we didn't go to transfer meeting (that was my first time EVER not going to transfer meeting. Weird feeling.) so we just worked. The week was good. Nothing too amazing happened. For right now our big focus in the mission is personal revelation and being exactly obedient! This mission is very strict and we just got some new rules and this week they told us that we cannot have any sort of games, instruments and stuff like that. So that means I'm sending Lulani home to you guys. So heads up and take care of her!

Now, for my b-day!!!! Oh man! I just wanna say that it was AWESOME!!!! The celebrations actually started the night before. Friday night the Madsens (he's a BHS alum) called and asked if they could take us out to dinner at a stake house for my b-day. When we get there it was jam packed full of people and I'm like, "What the heck? Why are there so many people here for my b-day?"

But then I realized that these things exist called "weekends" where people go out and do stuff cuz it's when they have a break during the week haha. TOTALLY forgot about those! So yeah, went there and I had some baby back ribs that were so good! I couldn't remember the last time I had ribs, but I CAN tell you the last time I ate tortillas! Last night.

Then, my actual b-day was great! I just did the normal stuff: Made padawan make me breakfast, made padawan clean my room, made padawan brush my teeth, etc. Hahaha I'm joking.

I opened presents that morning...

(Elder H's family each sent him a package of 20 things. This 1st pkg was from 6-yr old Harrison who sent Helam "20 foods" -- who doesn't love "foods"?)

(Elder H looks a little nervous about Houston's pkg -- "20 glowstick products" such a glowing sword, mask, rosary [what?] -- yes, useless but fun)

(Hevynn sent "20 cold-weather items"...cocoa, socks, cough drops, hand warmers, a digital thermometer?)

...and I LOVED the dvd I got from everyone!! For reals, I watched it like 7 times in a row.

Luckily, it just replayed over and over so I just sat there mesmerized for about 25 minutes. I couldn't stop smiling through the whole thing! Everyone is so different! So yeah, super awesome gift!

(Smiling...or crying?)

That night we went to Nayeli's house.

So there's a birthday tradition in Mexico where the "sapo verde" (bday person) makes his wish, blows out the candles, and then everyone chants "mordida, mordida, mordida" and the person has to take a bite of the cake.

While they take a bite, someone smashes their face into the cake. With my super awesome skills I successfullly took a bite w/o my face getting smashed into the cake, but when they cut me out a piece to eat for reals and handed it to me, I was a little too cocky and felt very prideful.

That's when elder Cowley pushed the piece into my face.

They all laughed. I laughed. Then they did it again. I love everyone here! (I'm being sincere)

B-day was great! Sunday was stake conference and we heard from Elder Walter F. Gonzalez and M. Russell Ballard. Good stuff. The work is still going slowly, but we're working hard. Oh, and I'm still sick and I'll probably go to the hospital to pick up some antibiotics. Then I'll be 100%!!!!

Tell Aunty Momi and Uncle Tini that I'm always praying for them! And Ben too if you ever talk to him! I love you all back at home and thanks for making my 20th bday a memorable one! I'll talk to yall later!

Love, Elder Heimuli

ps, I'm sending pics!


  1. PS. I think my kids want to adopt the spanish tradition of smashing cake into the b-day person's face. It could get out of hand.

  2. Hahaha. Loved the comment about "weekends". Missionaries forget about the real world traditions...