Monday, February 6, 2012

Semana 60 - Another Car-Fast Day, A Dead Raccoon & Cinco Quemejes

Dear Mom,

Hey! Yeah, I'm feeling better this week. I think this letter is gonna be a short one. Just a quick rundown of our week. So we didn't have any investigators come to church. Lame. But we did have 3 less actives! Yay! N came and they had the temple prep classes that started sunday so he came right on time!

This week we didn't have too much success with our investigators. We are working slowly with the ones we do have, so they can understand our message more clearly. But this week we had another "car fast" and it was funny cuz it was the only day this week where it POURED rain! So, we walked around in the rain for a few hours and found no new investigators.

Elder H & Padawan on Car-Fast Day where, yes, they abstain from driving their of course it will rain that day!

It's ok, though. We did meet a lot of interesting people and find a dead raccoon hahaha. Gross.

Now see, they would have never seen this from their car...

This week, I still feel like it was my b-day cuz we had a few more "b-day" dinners that families wanted do for us. One is actually a dry member named Norma. She's cool. But we went out to a mexican restraunt with them.

Another day we went over for dinner with Luis and Kaessey, cuz Kaessey told me she wanted to make me a cake not one to smash my face in.

A pretty cool cake -- even without the Weber State colors.

We got to the house (all the missionaries) and we ate dinner.

Elders Going, Benedict, Bakes and Heimuli

After dinner they told us they wanted to play this cool game called " Cinco Quemejes." They explained that we had 5 people be quemejes. We lined up in single file order and I was the second one in line from the front. Luis was ahead of me. We all crouched with our eyes closed.


One by one we all had to say our number and then jump in the air while the people on the side clapped. This sounded SO LAME but Luis assured us it was fun. So we did it. When it got to me I said "cuatro quemejes!" and jumped up, still feeling there was no point to this game. With my eyes still shut, I heard Luis yell his number, jump up, and then I felt this plate full of whipped cream smash into my face and I realized, "Oooooh, they got me good!"

Question of the week: How many times can people smash food in Elder Heimuli's face before he quits falling for it? Answer: Apparently, as many times as they want!

So know this week we are still hitting it hard. Not much else to say! I'm keeping you all in my prayers and I love yall!

--elder heimuli

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  1. Your son just makes me laugh. What a great sense of humor. You are going to have to meet him at the airport with a whipped cream pie to help with him being homesick for Atanta.