Monday, February 20, 2012

Semana 62 - Moses 1:39

Hey mom!

I'm doing good! I got to write today because we're at a members house. I don't know why EVERY holiday has to be on's really inconvenient for missionaries. It's funny how stuff like that (holidays, mail, church) mean so much more on a mission.

Thank HEAVENS we got our gas turned on this past thursday. Towards the end of the week I gave up trying to shower, cuz it took so much time, and just washed my hair for the last couple days. Gross. Well, Thursday afternoon the gas got turned on. So when we got back from our 8 hour meeting, I jumped straight into the shower. Oh man, it felt good! Now waking up in the mornings aren't the most terrible part of our day. The weather was really cold (but no snow) during the week or so that we had no gas, but it warmed up Friday and it's been good since then. Go figure.

I finally got the package you guys sent me a few days ago and I just wanna thank you! Haha I'm scared I'm gonna put on a few pounds from all the candy I've gotten, but hey I get to enjoy while it lasts. :)

This past week was just as easy as last week...which isn't so much hahaha. I've been working extra hard these past few weeks and eventhough I haven't seen much "fruit" from my hard work, I know that I'm here to work and I'm satisfied. No investigators to church but we did have our branch conference. DyC 39:7-13 was a scripture that the stake president challenged us to read as a stake. I just liked how it talks of a greater call that we all have as members of the church (not just missionaries). It says "work" in verse 9 i think and I connected that to a scripture Moses 1:39. God's whole purpose is to bring his children eternal life, so don't you think we would find the most joy in doing the same thing? I know that THAT'S true! But like God, we can't force eternal life on anyone we just let them choose for themselves. This is a thought that has been helping me out the past few weeks of "no success." 

Sunday, a member pulled me aside randomly and said, "Remember: Don't worry about things you can't control." I was confused it was out of nowhere but recently I've just been worrying about why I am not seeing success even though I am working hard. She didn't explain why she felt like she needed to tell me that, but I'm glad she did. It gave me the little push I needed to keep going.

Our new place is so cool now that we have heat! But I think I'll only be here for another 2 weeks haha. Sad.

Well, that's all. Tell every one that I love them!

--Elder Heimuli

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  1. What a great example of a postive attitude. I'm so grateful for Elder Heimuli. I just learned that Elder Solei (spelling?) isn't going home until October, so there's still a chance he will be a companion to Elder Parry!