Friday, February 17, 2012

Semana 61 - Change

Hey mom!

Another week gone here in "Hotlanta" only not so hot. This week is the coldest one yet, and I mean COLD! A few days I thought it started snowing, but just freezing temps. It is crazy cuz only last thursday it was 70's but since friday its hit at about the low 30's.

Oh, another announcement! We moved apartments! So now we have a new address. Yes, we moved thursday into a new apartment cuz the old one was infested with ants and the rent was getting raised.

Goodbye, old apartment...

That took about two days to do: wednesday all day to pack and thursday all day to unpack! The new apartment is good though except for one problem: we have no gas.

Hello, new apartment with gigantic mirror!

The gas is off and won't be turned on until this NEXT thursday. It's just my luck cuz the coldest temps hit right as we have no heat in the house and no hot water hahaha! It's been an adventure! SO cold in the mornings!

Elder H's morning ritual: thaw out by the portable heater

And we've had to heat up pots of water and kinda sponge bathe ourselves! Never thought I'd have to do that in the states, but its great! But I am excited for this next thursday...

Ahhhh...nothing like a hot shower!

Because of all the moving, extra studies and extra meetings that we had this week, there wasn't a whole lot of time for proselyting. I was kinda mad about that, but what can ya do? I just think of this as kind of a prep period. Once Padawan is trained and stuff the work can go back to normal. Then it's up from there!

Everything is good here. We're both just doing what we do. Church was pretty empty. It's ok, next week it'll be rockin! The BEST thing that happened to me was that I am trying SO HARD to change and become better! It's always difficult to stretch yourself or reach a little higher, but it really is worth it.

I guess one "theme" this week was about CHANGE. We were teaching a less active's husband, who isn't a member. Well, we actually went by to see Leti, the less active, but she was sick. The husband, Jerson, was home though and he let us in and we just started talking. First it was about nothing, but then he opened up about his life. His family, and what brought him to the US. He came because his parents in Guatemala were in debt and they needed help. He came here and worked, starting with nothing but one pair of clothes. After two years he saved enough money to pay off the debt and finally buy some descent clothes. He's been here for 6 years and the parents are debt free with their own car. He was so happy when he was telling us this story. Jerson said that it was hard but he wanted to help his parents more than he wanted clothes, or a new house, or other luxuries like that. He then told us how lately he's wanted to do the right things spiritually (read the scriptures, go to church, etc) but at the same time he wants to keep doing what he's doing. He said he needs help to be more "spiritually mature," and that when he sees us, 19 or 20 year old kids, he wonders how we are able to put off worldly things and do what God wants. I told him it's very difficult.

But this reminded me of a quote by Elder Bednar that says, "Nothing outside can make us move for very long. The only thing that moves us comes from within..." or something to that effect.

I told Jerson that if he is motivated by love of God or family he'll do the hard things, like when he had to work for his parents. He didn't really respond but we invited him to motivate himself and do the little things God asks us. I wish I could say "he jumped up and wanted to be baptized right then" but that's not what happened haha. That experience helped me, though, keep striving to become better this week.

Well, hopefully I get that package today haha! Love you mom! Talk to ya later!

--Elder Heimuli

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