Monday, February 14, 2011

New Missionary - Elder Garrett Bushman (Florida Jacksonville)

I received this wonderful email from a dear friend, Julie Bushman.  Her husband, Marty, was Helam's line coach all through little league, and the Heimulis really admire the Bushmans.  Their handsome son, Garrett, was Helam's teammate and good buddy.  It appears that Julie may also be related to an elder in Helam's district.  This from Julie last week:

Guess who was Garrett's first MTC comp?  Yep - your son.  He looked so great!  And Garrett was so thrilled to be greeted and taken care of by him!  What a sweet blessing!......  I think Elder Hemuli thought I was going to hug him or something - I said "hi" and my arms were wide open - but I wasn't even thinking of hugging him - I was just so excited to see him there and thrilled for the hug Garrett was giving him.  Anyway - he looked at me and said, "I'm not allowed to hug you....."  ha ha ha ha ha  He is so cute!  He looked happy and wonderful!  Mission life is treating him well!  Here is the only picture I got of him. 

I think we set a new record for "shortest" drop off time...... the MTC told us we could have up to 90 seconds (oh wow)...... but honestly - it was so quick - I think we were only there 30 seconds at the most.  I kind of felt "cheated" as we were driving away........ But Garrett was so excited and happy to be there - what could we do - he didn't want to stand around and say goodbye again....... so that was that.....
Hey - in your next email to Elder Hemuli - can you ask him if Elder Rinderknecht's grandpa's name is Odell Rinderknecht?  Just very curious........  

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  1. Hello
    My name is Marlene Keeley, and I don't know you but I am looking for Julie Bushman. We went to high school together and I am really hoping you can give me some contact info! I googled her, the parts I knew, and your blog is the place to which I was led. I hope you don't mind that I am using you as a source to find her. My email is, and I would be SO grateful if you can help me make contact with her!
    Thanks-- i hope your blog sends notices to you even on old posts, so you will still see my request. : )
    I hope your son's mission is going well. Our oldest son is putting in his papers in a couple of months, and this makes me excited, seeing this post about the MTC.