Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Semana 10 - Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hey family!
So i thought i'd write just a quick little note for you all! I am just starting to wrap up my final day here at the MTC. Today is really different and really weird, but good none the less. I spent most of the morning packing. I have to fit everything i got into two suitcases under 50 lbs and one carry one backpack (thank you so much for the backpack! You really didn't have to buy me a new one, i would have taken the trashed Nike one). Because i am such an expert traveler, this wasn't a very difficult task:) I did all my laundry and have it all ready to go! Tomorrow I wake up at 3:25 so we can leave here at about 4 or a little before. I am so excited to go!
Today has been a little lonely becuause me and Elder Haight are the only ones left from our district. Elders Otteson, Cartwright, Carlisle, and Aledo (he was adopted into our district from distric E last week) left this morning at 4. We said our goodbyes last night and it was kinda trippy. Oh! Our Sunday was good too! It started out normal and like any other Sunday--and instead of a district meeting like usual, Elder Haight gave me a great idea to have everyone recieve a blessing. So, we spent the next hour giving each of our companions blessings. We all participated in the circle but each companionship gave each other the blessing--so you can imagine how tired our arms and shoulders were after hahaha! We took a lot of breaks! Anyways, so that was good experience. Today, Elder Haight and i have just been getting ready. Our class and our residence halls are now vacant...but we left some good stuff in the Narnia holes so other Elders can remember us.
I did meet Elder Eric Nelson! I actually met him about a week ago, i just forgot to mention him, my bad! I met a couple of the Elders who will be traveling with us. Elder Asher is our travel leader. He is a big black, samoan, tongan elder. It's a crazy mix, but he's really cool. I took pictures with all of the Elders that i knew here, so you'll like that! And Elder Bushman said that you have to send a copy of mine and his picture to his mom.

I'll see if i can email the pics in the field!
I don't know what else to say. Things here are doin good and i'll soon be in Atlanta! I hope you got that MVR form cuz it was a real trick to get that signed. I spent all day waiting for this notary to show up on Friday, and when it was time for him to show, I guess they mixed up the times and he came in way early in the morning. There are 3 notaries here but i guess everyone of them was on vacation until Tuesday...what a drag! I was freaking out! We ran around and luckily there was one of the directors (or something) who was an official notary. Really close call but i got it out to you as soon as possible! Hope it all goes well! and i have now idea how they didn't recieve any of the papers from before--I sent them!
Well, i guess the next time you hear from me i'll be in Georgia....well, in the airport first...then Georgia! Oh, and i don't know how long i'll actually be able to talk for tomorrow, but i'll for sure talk to you!
I love you all and i pray for you every night! I hope all is goin well! and let me know about the family meeting!
Love, Elder Heimuli

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