Monday, January 9, 2012

Semana 55 - Didn't get a letter? Happy New Year!

[Didn't get a letter from Elder Heimuli last week -- hopefully, we'll get 2 today!]

here was last week's letter. I don't know why you didn't get it but here it is! This weeks is on the way:)

Hey Mom!

Happy New Year! I'm still trying to get used to writing a "12" instead of an "11" haha. It's crazy to see how fast time flies by and a little scary as well. My time is very limited here and I want to make the most of it.

Well this week was a lot like last week because of the new year. A lot of people were still busy with family stuff and the members wanted to make sure we had a lot of food hahaha! We lost contact with most of our solid investigators so that's really sad...they just stopped answering our calls and their doors. Not much you can do cuz people have their agency! Everything is going good here, though!

Yeah, I received the package from the Eyre family! I threw the actual package away before I got home so I couldn't send them a thank you from me...but tell them thank you very much!

For the new year we had to be inside at 6pm so we had a full day of one baptism for the other elders, a game of basketball with the new convert and 3 different dinner appointments hahaha! Well, we were worn out by the time night rolled around so we actually took the opporitunity to go to bed early for a change (about 10:15-ish)! So we drank our martinelli's and hit the hay. It was great! At around midnight I wake up to a loud pounding on our door. I just thought, "ughh, drunk people." So I rolled out of bed and went to the door. Open it up and I see that it's Brother and Sister Madsen! [Brother Madsen is a Bountiful High School alum.] They yell happy new year and hand me a giftbag! I got a cool cardigan! They had one for Bakes too but he was out haha. They are so cool!

The weather is finally getting cold over here! The past two days have been FREEZING!!!! But it's all good cuz I have warm stuff to wear. I just think Georgia weather is funny cuz it's also been the sunniest it's been for a while ha!

Well, I'll send pics! Love you guys!

--Elder Heimuli

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