Monday, January 23, 2012

Semana 58 - The Lord Will Provide the p-day...the 20th b'day...the way

Hey Mom!!!

Not gonna lie, I'm so happy it's p-day today cuz I finally can get some rest! I'm feeling a little better so that's a blessing. Last week I was asked to rest a few days and we had to cancel some appointments cuz I didn't want to get any of our investigators sick, especially R and her baby (who isn't the healthiest little guy). Everything's going good, though. Bakes is good.

We do have transfers Wednesday and I'm not sure what's going on yet because we'll be getting calls tonight. Everyone is sure that me and Padawan are staying together so that's pretty much what I'm banking on. Maybe you should send the package to the office cuz if I am transfered it'll be there at transfer meeting, and if I'm not, I'll get it before my birthday anyways.

Speaking of birthdays, it felt weird seeing that "20th" next to "birthday." My days as a fun-loving teenager are coming to an end...sadly. I honestly feel like I'm degressing in maturity but whatever hahaha.

We did find a new investigator a few days ago and he is pretty cool. His name is Alvaro and he looks like a pirate. For reals, with the ponytail, moustache, button-down shirt, scar across his eye, parrot on his shoulder, etc. Ok, I was joking about the parrot, but the rest is legit. We just found him knocking. We had a few good lessons with him and he is also the first hispanic I've met whose favorite sport is volleyball. We hit it off well haha. Then another investigator that we've had for a while, Luis Soriano, started progressing (keeping his commitments/doing what we ask)! He read a bit of the BoM and wants to go to church! The challenge now is actually getting him there, but step by step, right? We're finally finding out what he needs to help him in his life and he is realizing that he needs to start taking those steps to improve his situation. It's good.

Church was fine. No investigators or less actives.

There's nothing I really need for right now, thanks though! Oh, and I got that "pick-me-up" package you guys sent! Thank you so much! I needed that! I also got the package uncle sifa and tami sent but I guess some ants got into it and the office had to replace the box, so I didn't have their address so I couldn't send them a thank you. But tell them thanks! The goodies were great and Tami is so nice! I'm excited to meet her when I get home!

Keep on being great and I'll talk to you later!

Love, Elder Heimuli

[Remember the youtube link from a previous post of Elder Heimuli's song, "The Lord Will Provide The Way" ??? Well, the kids decided to re-record it for Elder Heimuli's 20th birthday!]

Check this out -- Hema, Norma, Hevynn, Houston & Harrison's rendition of TLWPTW!

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