Monday, January 9, 2012

Semana 56 - If you receive a prompting to do good, follow it

Dear mom,

Sorry for the no letter last week, I have it in my sent box but I don't know why you didn't get it. Well, I sent it again so hopefully it works! Last week we didn't e-mail cuz the libraries were closed "in honor of the day after new years day" What is that? hahaha anyways, we also had our zone p-day and we played some good ol' rugby! Super fun! Maybe I'll try out for some rugby when I get back home!

I am doing good! Very very tired and a little sick but that's the life of a missionary! I'll be fine! I did see Houston's pics last week and I think I cried a little bit. My reaction in my brain was a little similar to Coach Rose's reaction...maybe a little more profane hahaha joking joking! He does look good though.

We are slowly building back up our teaching pool. We were actually able to find Sonia and teach her again!!!! Yay!! Everything is going good with her! We taught her about reading, praying and going to church to find an answer. It was good. She's slowly keeping her committments...slowly. We still haven't been able to find Rosana. Hopefully everything is good with her and her family. This week too we knocked into a family and taught them about the plan of salvation. I know we were meant to find them cuz when we knocked on their door Padawan did his shpeal on how the church is restored again and the lady (Eri) was very hesistant and about to reject us but then I felt impressed to share the plan of salvation and how families can be eternal and then she took a step back and just opened the door. It kinda blew me away at first and we just stood there for a couple seconds with dumb looks on our faces that said, "what just happened?" We've taught them twice now and all the lessons went well.

I'm glad you got to see Haley! Do you know if the Johnsons got the card and letter I sent them?

It's crazy to hear all these things going on at home and none of it seems real haha.

I loved that story about Harrison and his testimony. Also on your spiritual prompting. As baptized members of the church we are entitled to the guidance of the Holy Ghost and we receive SO MANY promptings from him, more than we realize. That's a big thing I've learned out here is how to recognize those promptings. This is something I'm trying to teach my boy. I know he receives revelation but like you yesterday, he's uncertain whether or not it's his own thoughts or the spirit. He's getting it slowly. One thing that helped me start is a saying that goes something like "if you receive a prompting to do good, follow it. There's no need to worry if it comes from the spirit or your own thoughts." I shouldn't have put that in quotes because that's not exactly what it said, but it's close. One of the most rewarding things ever is to be the answer to someone else's prayer. I have been that in so many ways (on the mish) and it makes me SO grateful that I am one who God trusts enough to help one of his children. Follow the promptings you receive and you'll see what comes from them.

E. Bakes is doing great and we're working harder (and training harder) than ever. I'm glad you got to meet Prince's mom! He actually told me that just barely haha. We're jealous:) Anyways, that's all. Love you mom and talk to ya later!

Love, Elder Heimuli

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