Friday, December 30, 2011

Semana 54 - Christmas, Wedding, Baptism

Yep, this may be a little short because I did just talk to you guys:)

[Note from Mom: We waited an hour for his call on Christmas morning. Hema & Norma came over before they had to head to the airport for one of their fun day trips -- this time, to San Diego. The rest of us were packed and ready to go to Hawaii. After we talked to Helam, we rushed to the airport only to find the flight overly full, so we switched last-minute plans and flew to San Diego, too. Our married ones met us there and we had a blast. The Mormon Battalion Visitors Center is amazing...and free...a must-see! The zoo, on the other hand? VERY expensive, but Harrison still loved it.]

The family at the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center. Harrison at the San Diego Zoo.

This week was really great! We didn't get as much done lessons wise because there was a lot of administrative work that we did this week, but hey, numbers don't matter. What matters is that Luis Figaroa was baptized last week!!! That day was crazy cuz there was so much we HAD to get done before the baptism. First of all I had to prepare a talk with very late notice and study 4 hours cuz I'm training. Then that afternoon, even though I'm not a DL, I was the one that interviewed Luis because everyone that could speak spanish taught him, including me. I was just the one that taught him the least amount of time haha. Not gonna lie, it was my first one so I was stressing a bit. If he would have surprised me with a deep dark secret during the interview I wouldn't know what to do...but it was all good haha. That night they got married, he was baptized and we had our branch christmas party all rolled into one.

This is what it's all about!

Christmas eve and christmas day we just spent the whole time house hopping. We had an appointment with members just about every hour and every appointment was to eat...oh man.

The missionaries enjoying Christmas Meal #5.

I survived and so did Padawan.

Elder Heimuli & Elder Bakes

The members here are so awesome and we also got a few gifts. I got this awsome sweater and beanie.

Nayeli bought us all these matching sweaters...except for mine.

She couldn't find a black one in my size, but I just figure she did it cuz I'm her favorite and she didn't want to let everyone else know. It was a good last christmas on the mish. I went out in style. ha.

Playing home-made ghetto ping pong -- creative.

Love you and I'll talk to ya'll later!

Love, Elder Heimuli

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  1. I was sad that I missed the Heimuli family at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site. But it looks like you had a great time! I loved getting the note! Hope your Christmas was wonderful. Have a good 2012!
    Sister Woodbury
    San Diego Mormon Battalion Historic Site