Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Semana 51 - December Already?

Hey mom!

I love you!!!

Wow, is it December already? It's hard to remember because it just seems like Fall over here haha. No snow! I'm SO happy about that, but the cold is kind of a killer. It hasn't been too bad the last week, so we'll see what happens later in the month. And i'm almost half way done too. Yep, it's flying by and it worries me a bit to tell you the truth. All I can do is work even harder, like Dad says yeah?

Thanks for the package and all the shaving stuff, man, I needed it. I felt I was shaving off my skin rather than my facial hair. But I got all the letters and I loved them! I'll be sure to write back to everyone.

Quick story: So one night last week we were at a dinner appointment and we were about to leave, then we realized we didn't leave with a spiritual thought. We felt impressed to do that first. So we shared the thought and got home a little late. When we got home, we got out of the car and there were these two ladies carrying a mattress. We ran over and offered to take it from them. Found out they were from Uruguay and their ceiling collapsed so they were moving everything from their apartment to one clear across the complex. They didn't own a car, so they called a taxi to help them move their stuff. Well, we told them that we could put their things in our car so they didn't have to pay for a taxi and then we carried all their furniture for them as well. The lady just had a baby 2 months ago as well. We moved everything and they were so grateful. They tried to give us money but we declined everytime, so they INSISTED that they at least feed us dinner, so we are going over tonight to do that and share our message. Pray for us!

Church was good. We didn't have any investigators but we did have 3 less actives, and Nicolas Flores came and he drove himself! Despite his back problem he still came. That shows me that he is changing and more willing to do what is needed in order to go to the temple. We had a good lesson with Nicolas and his family and then we cut Ivan's hair into a mullet cuz we thought he'd look super cool...and we were right! He's so cute and pretty much one of my best friends out here!

Cute, huh? One of my favorite 'chamacos' out here!

Just us cutting I's hair. I was trying to get him to get the hair out of his mouth so he wouldn't eat it.

So yes, everything out here is good and I am excited to be doing the Lord's work! The more time goes by, the more I realize that I love all the people here so much, and that one day I'll be gone. So Charlesworth and I try our best to do whatever we can to make all their lives just a little bit better.

I love you mom and all you guys at home! I'll see you in a year but it may be a bittersweet kind of deal, ha. Just ask Hema.

Love, Elder Heimuli

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