Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Semana 52 - Hump Day, Half-way, 1 Year

This week has been so great!!! Which is a good thing cuz we have transfers this wednesday so we ended it in style! We are thinking that we won't be transfered but who knows, we get calls tonight so I'll let you guys know what happens later!

Anyways, I just wanna say thanks for the packages! I got all of them, I believe. I'll send a thank you to Grandpa and Grandma Murray soon. When I got the "Hump Day" one I kinda tripped out. It's been a year already?? It's SO INSANE how quickly time flies by!

First off, the lesson we had with Rosana and Silvana and their family Monday went great!! Thank you for your prayers. We met them with Nicolas and that first lesson Rosana commited to come to church! Her sister wanted to come too, but she couldn't because of work but said she will ask for the next Sunday off so she can come! That was Monday. Then we went over again thursday and taught them the BoM. They were all very interested and S said she would read it and everything by the next time we come over (which is tonight). Rosana was ready to go to church and everything, as long as we got her a ride. Gladly.

During the week we have been working with a lot of other potencials and formers. Had lots of good lessons and even found 9 new investigators this week!!!! We have worked so hard and this week we've seen some of the "fruits of our labor." It's really cool.

We were with N cuz he came with us to help teach someone, and we just asked him when his birthday was, then he said, "I turn 34 on...December 4th (which was two days prior to that)." We freaked out and were like, "You didn't even remember your own birthday?!" Haha he said no. No one did haha. So we told him we were having a party at his house in an hour. Prince and I made cupcakes for the kids and bought him a sweater!

Good time! I love that family!!!!

Sunday was so awsome! We had Rosana and her two month old baby come! The members were so cool and EVERYONE greeted her and asked how she was doing. We were both stressing about how she would feel in church but it went great! The teacher didn't even teach false doctrine in class either, so yay!!! I was just really happy cuz we had her, and the Flores family is committed to getting active. They were all there as well. A was there too, an excommunicated member who was ready to give up trying to re-join the church after last week. But we talked to him and had really spiritual lessons with him and now he is trying twice as hard. I just love missionary work and I can finally see why I'm out here!

Well, the weather is chilly here. Just in time for Santa.

We're doing great here and just excited to do the work. Prince and I don't wanna be transferred cuz we're doing such good work here. It's great. He says he finally feels like he belongs in this mission. I know how he feels. It's great out here.

I just love everyone here. I love the Church. I love the season and the Savior Jesus Christ. I love our investigators. I love the members. I love my companion. And I love all of you at home!!! Take care and I'll let you know about calls, Mom!!

Love, Elder Heimuli

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