Monday, November 28, 2011

Semana 50 - Cardigans, Football & Thanksgiving

Hey Mom!

Prince and I are both doing good! It's starting to get a little chilly again, but I got your "warm" package the other day so I can handle it haha! We both now have matching cardigans that we busted out the other day at a branch activity!

Matching cardigans!

Errbody's jealous! Haha but thank you so much Mom!

This week went by really fast! Time just keeps picking up the longer I'm out here!

Anyways, for the beginning of the week we tried to work really hard cuz we knew at the end of the week we wouldn't have a whole lot of time due to Thanksgiving and other activities. So, we found a few people who were willing to listen to us. We had to sort of start over with our investigator pool, but it's ok. Hopefully these people we found are more solid.

For Thanksgiving morning we played football with an English ward and some English missionaries. The games were really fun. We got kicked off the field, though, by a city soccer team that was having a tournament that morning. So, we headed over to another field to play soccer with our branch.

Us missionaries, after playing sports with Bro. Madsen, the 2nd counselor in our branch (he's from B-town!)

On the way, I saw a bunch of these huge black guys playing football, so me and one other missionary went and played with them. They weren't that good, though. I'm trying to be humble, but I just ran all over them. Disappointing. After an hour of that, we finished and we joined our branch's soccer game in the next field over. By that time I was so tired! I am so out of shape I'm kinda scared to come back and play football ha. So that game lasted another hour and a half.

It was 3 when we finished and we headed over to the S family's house for Turkey Day linner (lunch+dinner). It was really good and we had a lot of fun there. Such a great family! Then we took the MARTA all the way down south to East Point city where we ate dinner at another members house! We were really full but the members are so cool here they just wanna feed us all the time!

Eating "patas de pollo" (yes, that is a chicken foot going into Elder H's mouth)...really gross, not gonna lie...

We took the sketchy MARTA train back home at 930 at night, but no one messes with us cuz were pretty big compared to most people here...unless they have a gun or something...

The Flores family didn't come to church this past sunday, so that was really sad. We went over afterwards though, with the branch president and that was really a good lesson. I guess Nicolas just woke up late cuz he was up all night with his back pain. They still really wanna get sealed in the temple so it'll just be a process but we'll be there every step of the way.

Everything is just moving along here. Thanks for all you do mom! Tell Houston hey and that he's the best! Those football pictures you sent me were so cool, he looks like a beast and bet he plays like one too! Aight, well I'll talk to you next week!

--Love Elder Heimuli

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