Monday, November 21, 2011

Semana 49 - Praise Jesus & Thanksgiving

Dear Mom,

First off, I'm glad to hear updates on everyone! Everything here in Atlanta is going good!

This past week Atlanta had the priviledge of hosting the Saints Unified Voices choir directed by Gladys Knight and Charlesworth and I were one of the lucky few missionaries who got to help with the shows. There were only 14 missionaries who were picked to proselyte during the shows and talk to the non-members who were attending.

The choir performed a total of 6 shows--Fri, Sat, and Sun with 2 each day. So, we worked ALL day for those 3 days at the show, so we didn't get much work done in our own area haha. It's ok cuz the experience was SO AMAZING!!!! The music was very up beat and soulful and very very spiritual. You could tell who was Mormon during the show cuz they felt a little uncomfortable when someone would stand up, start clapping and yell, "Praise Jesus!" I loved it. All of us missionaries were super excited cuz this was our chance to stand up and start dancing hahaha!

Elder Charlesworth & Heimuli dancing in the parking lot

Really though, Gladys Knight has such an amazing testimony and it could be felt through her music. Whenever she would belt out a solo, I would get chills. Even though I watched the show 6 times, it never got old and the spirit was super strong throughout. I got to shake her hand!!!! Oh man, pretty sure I almost fainted hahaha! It was cool though, cuz even though the show had her name on it and a lot of people went because of her, Gladys refused to sign autographs and take pictures because she wanted the focus to be on Jesus Christ and His restored church.

Missionaries sharing "Gladys Knight and the Saints Unified Voices Choir" music & message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

It was just really cool and we had a lot of success. 1020 referrals (but not really any for!)! We worked really hard and usually didn't go to bed til 12 or even 1.

Elder Charlesworth & Heimuli pose for a picture while everybody else cleans up after an SUV concert

So, we're super tired but happy from the experience. And we are excited to get back to working in our area!

NOTHING can detract from a missionary's enthusiasm...okay, maybe Wheat Thins...but nothing else!

I'm doing great! A little tired, but nothing I can't handle:) The weather here was really cold, and then the past couple days it's been really humid and I don't know what's going on with all that.

The Flores family is doing good. The dad's back is still messed up but they were at church again on Sunday! We'll be going over there tonight to have family home evening with them.

I don't get to see the Huckaby's anymore...sad.

For Thanksgiving we're gonna be playing sports in the morning and then we have 3 dinner appointments I think...IDK, I just know that we're gonna be busy ha! You're Thanksgiving sounds great!

Well, I hope all is well and I'll talk to you next week!

--Love Elder Heimuli

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