Monday, November 14, 2011

Semana 48 - Super Great Here

Hey Mom!

Everything is going super great here! It's getting a little cold but it's not snowing thank goodness! No one would know what to do here haha it'd just be a huge panic like it was last year haha!

Thank you so much for the b-day gift! Charlesworth was really happy about the spam and corned beef ha. Besides that, one of the best things that happened to me last week was that yesterday we had 4 less actives to church yesterday!!! We were so excited! We've been working with this family since I got here. Family of 9 who is less active. Anyways, Charlesworth has actually been working with them to get them active since he got here. A while back the dad got in a accident at work that messed up his back and now he can't drive because his legs go numb if he drives too long. Since most of the people in the branch don't have a license or even a car, no one could give him a ride. So, slowly he lost interest in coming. Well we taught them a lesson about how in order to recieve blessings we need to be willing to do our part first, like go to church. Well, a member came with us and kinda threw down, but it was good cuz the next day we went by and they were totally changed. The whole family wanted to go to church, even if it meant driving themselves. We were blessed though, cuz we found someone who could give them a ride! So they were at church and that was awsome. Tonight we are going over to teach a FHE about temples. They want to get sealed together as a family.

This whole week we have just been working hard and trying to really work with the branch. It's something that is super important. We think it'll really help the area and the spanish mission in general.

Yeah, Charlesworth told me about Coach Mac last week, which he heard from his mom. That's a bummer. It's just sounds like football news is just all crazy in Utah haha.

(Note from Mom: Here's a timely article about Coach Mac's missionary zeal and Elder Heimuli's dad...waaaay back in the day!)

I'm super happy you guys got to meet Elder Jones! I hope he's doing good. It's weird that he's not a missionary anymore. And I'm glad he said I'm a good missionary, even though that's what all "dads" are supposed to say about their "kids" hahaha.

Sorry if this email is lame and short, but this week has kinda been a haze haha. I can't really name any specifics, but I just know that I've been really happy so far and have been trying my best to work hard and be good! I love you mom and tell everyone in the family I say hi and love them too!

Love, Elder Heimuli

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