Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 100 - To Close, I Just Have a Simple Testimony

Dear Mother,

I am doing fantastic! The last little while has been SUPER busy and I'm finally getting to rest a bit haha, but not too much:)

I'm sitting in the Saldanas living room right now, waiting for Elder Bakes and his comp to get here so we can echar relajo and have a BIG mexican breakfast! I can quickly just run through all that's happened.

Elder Baugh, Elder Heimuli, Elder Bakes meet up for breakfast
The zone training meeting was good...and kind of a struggle haha. I dont know what it was but there was kind of a dull feeling to the meeting and I struggled to put my thoughts together. I talked about the liahona and how our own personal progress and growth depends on how we heed the promptings of the spirit in our trials or just life in general. God knows what we can become and EXACTLY the route we need to take in life to become such. Our trials and tribulations refine us and the choices we choose to act on will shape our becoming. I still don't feel like I'm exactly where I need to be but I'm striving! I'm super grateful for the atonement and the enabling power that comes through it. I know that I can change and become better as I rely on grace and do all I can to make things happen on my own. That's when we're blessed. After we have done all we can do.

So, things were kinda confusing for a while with Davids baptism. On friday we called Bishop Young and he told us that since he was 8 he needed to interview him, so we had to cancel the baptism until he could do the interview. Then we called him back and realized that David isn't a child of record, so it was counted as a convert baptism. The only problem was that we hadn't done anything for it and the baptism was the next morning--so we set up an interview, a whole program, and called and coordinated the whole thing w the ward. Normally, the ward would set up the program for a child's baptism, but since it was a convert we had to set it up. Friday was CRAZY as we ran around doing exchanges and all this random stuff. Saturday came and the baptism went smoothly. There was a lot of ward support and some good talks and testimonies. David's mom was there (who used to be a member) and I hope that it was a good experience for her as well. I hope she felt the spirit and will decided to come back to share in the gospel with the rest of her kids.

Elder Paxson, David, Bro Hainey, Elder Heimuli & Elder Smith
Saturday night was crazy as well. I had to go and give 4 baptismal interviews in spanish and we had a full night in our own area, so we did and exchange. I went up to doraville with Bro Saldana and Bro Madsen! Holy cow, it was sick!

Elder Heimuli just finished giving Brother Saldana a haircut
We had a little get together with both the Saldanas and Madsens and I was so glad that I could spend time w some of my favorite people in the world!

Hermana Madsen, Elder Heimuli, Maya, Hermana Saldana
Then we went up and did the interviews (which were Elder Bakes' investigators and his first spanish baptism! I am so happy!)

IDK, I'm kinda lost for words right now but just know that I had an awsome week! I'll just tell ya everything in a few days. Write down any questions you have.

As for food...lets eat some poly food!!!!!! pork and rice! and pineapples! and I want to make some otai.

To close, I just have a simple testimony of Jesus Christ. I have learned so many things here in Georgia and I love the people here. Especially the hispanics. I am so grateful for the gospel and how I have come to understand it so much better. I love the testimony that I have of Christ. I cannot deny it. He lives and loves me. Through Him I can become better. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to serve the Lord for 2 years.

I love you all! See you in a few days!

--E. Heimuli

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