Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 99 - Ending My Mission the Same Way Hema Ended His

Dear Mother,

Elder Heimuli checking in and feeling awake and refreshed! The daylight savings is a real blessing in the fall--I woke up at 530 this morning, only to realize that I could lay my head back down and sleep for another hour. Tender mercies of the Lord, I say!

Yet another blessing that I've had is to have this past week feel like an actual week. It didn't just zoom by like the others and for that I'm grateful. I've been able to enjoy the experiences that we've had on a day to day basis. I've met some crazy people and I've pondered on some great things I've learned.

Elder Heimuli holds a 2-day old kitten found in the closet of a less active member's patio
We had the great privilege to hold our Zone Leader Council this past thursday (my last one) at the Atlanta Temple. Instead of doing a session, though, we all did baptisms and confirmations--it reminded me of the good ol' Stonecreek ward, which was the last time I'd done baptisms for the dead. We did EVERYTHING so that was cool. Then we gathered together and discussed some really great things and ideas--focusing it all on the Doctrine of Christ. Now, we're preparing for a Zone meeting tomorrow where we'll take all the stuff we've learned and teach them to the members of our little ATL East Zone. It's a big deal and we want to do a great job. Pres and the APs will be there so that's a great help. We've been studying non-stop for hours--as well as I'm still trying to finish reading the BoM in spanish before I go home. I've on Alma 41 and I need to pick it up!!!! I'm so excited about the things I've been learning.

It's interesting, cuz I read Alma 40:11-12 probably about the same time as Monica and I felt the same assurance that God loves us. Those of us who wade through trial, sorrow and tribulation are those who don't take the easy way out. They are the righteous. They are those who put their trust in God DAILY and stay the course, no matter how much suffering they must go through--but then, when their time comes, they are taken home to God and enter into a state of peace, happiness, and rest. He loves us and we show we love him when we follow Christ--this wonderful plan He has provided. I feel like Nephi when I say that I don't know everything, but I do know God loves us. It's been shared w me by the Spirit and that's enough.

Tell the Johnsons I love them and I'm praying for them. I'll come see them when I get back.

I got the cards and I was surprised cuz there were TONS. I don't even know that many people haha. Thank you. It's a lot more convenient than writing out my info every time. I appreciate it a lot.

I didn't tell Pres about the musical numbers...but I'll be sure to soon.

I can definately speak spanish with Hema when I get back, I'll need it as well. And tell Dad that he's not allowed to speak english to me either--all tongan all the time! I'm serious! If he doesn't do it I wont answer him :)

It looks like I'm going to be ending my mission the same way Hema ended his. 
May 3, 2008:  Last baptism before Elder Heimuli's brother, Hema, ended his mission in Ecuador.
L to R are Hema's youngest son Elder Richard Peters, 9-yr old Carlos Alejandro & mom Gladis, and Hema of course! 
This Saturday we are going to baptize DR, an 8 year old boy. Then sunday he'll be confirmed. We've been teaching him and he's excited to get into the water. This past week we had to invent a lesson right on the spot. We were teaching him about the gospel and his attention span was very...much like mine hahaha. No, it's hard for a kid to pay attention to someone just talking, so we got creative. He LOVES basketball so we made a makeshift ball out of a wad of paper and then used a bowl as a hoop. We told him to stand back and shoot. As he made the shots he was allowed to move up one space at a time (there were five and they each represented principles and ordinances of the gospel). It turned out very well and he enjoyed it. I'm not super good w kids and I was just glad he didn't completely hate it. Oh man, if I thought that was hard, I'm gonna struggle as a parent trying to teach my kids. JK JK it'll be good.

Thank you Mom, so much for everything. Thanks Dad for being such a great example. I love you both so much and I'm grateful for the opportunity you've provided for me and I don't know how I'll repay you but I'll find a way. I love the gospel so much and I pray for ya'll daily! This boy aint trunky just yet! I got work to do!

--Love, E. Heimuli

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