Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 98 - I Don't Know if I'm Gonna Come Back

"At first the hours seem like days and the days seem like weeks, but before you know it, the weeks will feel like days, the months will feel like weeks."

On the way to the BYU vs Georgia Tech game sporting his "blue" sweater given to him by the Madsens.
It's not BYU-blue.  Not even Georgia Tech-blue.  It's like eye-blinding "look at me" blue!

This was the prediction given to me in the MTC by...I forgot who, but someone who had already served a mission. Maybe my teacher???  Anyways, this fact is standing true as I'm sitting here watching the sun set on my mission. This past week has flown by and it really did feel like only yesterday I was sitting here recounting to you the experiences of my previous week. I am so grateful for all the things I've been able to do.

The front came in last night and I'm here shivering with my fingers half numb, trying to type out all of my experiences haha. I guess God's warming me up for snow-filled Utah. (It snowed yeah? that's what I heard anyways...)

This week has been one thing after another and it seems like I'll be going full-steam ahead until the end. Monday we didn't take a p-day, we just wrote letters. Tuesday was normal and then on Wednesday we headed down to Fayetteville for a leadership training meeting. There were all the current mission leadership in attendance but as well about 30 other missionaries who I can just assume will be future leadership. They're getting 'em all prepped for when all of us old timers kick it hahaha.

It was really great. Brother Watson came to speak with us. He is one of the people who put together Preach My Gospel and he had some amazing things to say. It wasn't anything new, but the way he put things made it so clear to me and everyone else in the room. He taught the Doctrine of Christ and how it is the center of EVERYTHING. The Atonement and it's amazing capabilities should be the focus of all we do. He and Pres Harding then introduced some things that the mission is going to do a little differently: ie, using creative ways to get our message out there (like concerts or musical numbers or other stuff) and being normal people but representatives of Christ (ie, going to the BYU game!). It made me kinda sad to see that there are all these wonderful things going on...and I won't be a part of it. We all left that meeting with a renewed commitment to continue being obedient PMG missionaries. Pres Harding is kind of a goof (in a great way!) and LOVES symbols and visuals. So he brings out this huge, legit sword to the meeting and asks all of us to sign it and agree to 100% obedience. I signed it, of course!  :)

This past friday me and my boy E Paxson set up an exchange other son Romero!
Elder Heimuli & his youngest son, Elder Paxson
Romero came with me and we just did work. We were able to talk. I wanted to make sure that he recognizes he is here for a reason. I freaking love this kid and I'm so proud of what he's done. I'm planning on visiting with his family once I'm home to let them know how great he is. Anyways, so we had a good time. I know it's been hard for him cuz his very first transfer E. Hansen went home. Then he's here now with me going home soon. And his comp right now is going home next transfer. Not to mention all the CRAZY people here in ATL making it hard to stay positive! Romero will be a great missionary, and when I see him all i can think of is "Ammon." He was a little down yesterday at church, so I called him last night to see what's up.  :)

So, saturday we went to the BYU game and holy cow, I've never been more trunky in my life!!!

Georgia Atlanta East Zone enjoying the pre-game festivities!
The night before there was a fireside and I talked to Brandon Doman, Steve Kaufusi (and Bronson...who is HUGE!) and some other players I recognized from high school. Then, on actual game day I talked to Jason Kaufusi (who was sporting a nice blue uniform hahaha,

[Note from Mom:  Jason would have been Helam's coach at Weber but now is coaching at the Y...good for him!])

Lance, umm?

[ANOTHER Note from Mom:  Reynolds...gosh, these kids need to know who these legendary folks are, instead of just calling them "Dad's coach" or "Dad's teammate" every time!]

(well, you know...Dad's coach...I think that's his name. Anyways, he says hi!), Chad Lewis and they were all talking about how they need to get me to BYU.

And then, oddly enough, one of the cheerleaders came up to me and it turns out it was a girl I went to high school with! That was super weird. I got into this weird mood at the game cuz I just felt like I was back in Utah and it freaked me out!

L to R: Elder Paxton, Elder Heimuli, Elder Romero & Elder Shelly
Are their noses bleeding yet?
Speaking of the Madsens (at the beginning of this post), the blue sweater got attention!
Here are Elder Heimuli, Brother Madsen & Elder Charlesworth
(Elder C's sweet mom, Lacey, sent this pic!)

I don't know if I'm gonna come back, it's just too weird. I like being a missionary here. If you don't see me step off the plane come Nov 15th, you may have to fly out here and drag me back!

Kimberly was baptized Sunday morning and it was great! There was lots of support from the ward and it just set a great tone for the rest of the Sunday. I am so lucky to be here and I feel like I'm finally seeing the fruits of 2 years of struggling in spanish,  hahahhaa.

L to R: Elder Smith, Elder Heimuli, new member Kimberly, Elder Paxson & Kimberly's sons
Oh, and there was a fall festival at our chapel saturday after the game. We got there late and missed all the festivities but i don't care cuz when I got there I heard this shriek "Muuuuliiiii!!!!" and I turn and I see the Mata family from the Chamblee branch there! I ran over there so quick! We spent the whole time cleaning but it was great cuz I saw all those awsome mexicans that I love!!

That's it for my week. I hope it was descriptive enough  :)

Tell Houston that he needs to go all the way to the finals so I can cheer them on! That would be so sick!

Anyways, I love you all so much. Love ya mom!

--E. Heimuli

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