Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 95 - She Gave Me a Hug!

As I read your letter just a few minutes ago, I realized that I have so many blessings in my life. There wasn't anything that's changed dramatically, I have just become more aware of those things that I either over looked, or took for granted. Time has moved by so quick and isn't halting one bit. It's October now and I am faced with the daunting reality that the mission for me is actually ending--this realization has come in painful, hitting waves over the past week: resulting in near whiplash--and it's very sad. It has, though, given me time to reflect and see the change that I've gone through. 

One thing I just want to hit on is that I am SO very grateful for you and your example of charity and love. When I read about your encounter w Art Nielsen tears came to my eyes (yeah, the ability to "not-cry-like-a-ten-year-old-girl" was a blessing that I USED to have in my life, but now that it's totally gone I see that I even took that for granted haha) I thought of how thoughtful it was for you to not just give him a ride home, but to go in to meet his wife and talk with them. That means so much to people and I never really understood the impact of loving actions like that until my mission. Harrison was part of something really beautiful. Can you send me contact info for Art and Coach Evans? If you can't then can you at least tell them that I'm thinking about and praying for them?

The past week has been eventful. We had transfers and got our new boy on Wednesday! E. Paxson from Gresham (near Portland), OR. I don't got a pic yet, sorry. We'll get one soon  :)  He's a funny kid who has a great testimony.

Pres. & Sis. Harding
We had our "Meet the President" meeting on Thursday, where the entire mission got to officially meet Pres. Harding and his family. Sis. Harding and her son Stockton, her daughter Candice and her son (forgot his name) and his wife (forgot hers too) all arrived last Saturday. At the beginning we kinda did the "wedding line" greeting where they stood there and all us missionaries formed a line and walked in front of them, shaking their hands and greeting them. 

After I greeted Pres. Harding, I moved on down the line to his wife. Sis. Harding looked at me and said, "I can do this. This is from your mom," and with a big smile, she gave me a hug! Thanks Mom! Luv ya! She continued to say that she met you and thinks you are such a wonderful woman--of course I agreed :)

This weekend was great! General Conference is my favorite! We were late to the Saturday morning session (due to lack of communication among members) so I missed the official announcement of the mission age change, but when I did hear it it blew me away! That's crazy! Missionaries are already too immature as it is! hahahah I'm kidding, whom the Lord calls, he qualifies, yeah? It'll be a great blessing for those who take that step and heed the call to serve. A testimony of Jesus Christ is all you need. A knowledge that He loves you, and faith that as you do the Lord's work your family will be blessed, the work you do here will go beyond this life and that you will change and become better. These things are so very true!

Kn came to the Sunday afternoon session w her son and her boyfriend. Oh man, it was rough for them. I sat by them and they looked so bored! After it was over I asked her, "Well, how did you like it?" and after a brief pause, she said carefully, "It was...different." hahahaha! I remember feeling that way not too many years ago! hahahaha! Oh well, maybe the spirit touched her some other way! They bounced after that. 

Tell Elders Soliai and Fraughton that I send my love and gratitude!

All is well here and I don't need much. I just need enough time to do what I need to do here. May God be with you during your hectic day.

Love ya lots,
--E. Heimuli

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  1. Pania - I can't believe he is coming home sooo soon!!!! Wow - where did these 2 years go? Please let us know when it's his homecoming! We love you! Julie and Marty