Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 96 - So Very Blessed to Be Here

Good morning Mom!

I don't know what it is about P-day, but they've been super cloudy and gloomy lately. The weather here has been weird cuz it's only on p-days--the other days of the week are pretty warm and sunny. Falls just acting up over here haha.

Thanks for getting those addresses for me. I appreciate it a lot. I'll be sure to write them or something. Oh, and i did get the packages and I am sharing the wealth! Hahaha way too much sweets for me anyways--I'm trying to slim down to look good for all my fans back home:) ...well, fan haha.

No, this past week has been really great! I don't know why, but we have been really blessed! Things just started to work out.
Final Transfer with Elder Paxson & Elder Smith

We found two super legit new investigators: D (a girl...yeah, she even admitted that it's a weird name for her) and J. We met D just knocking around the neighborhood of a less active member. She answered the door and immediately let us in. She told us that she had been praying for help and we knocked on her door. Classic missionary story, yeah? E. Paxson was freaking out cuz it was such a cool miracle.

J we met knocking a random street in a remote part of our area. It's pretty crazy cuz most of the houses on her street are vacant or super run down. She pulled up to her house right as we were walking by. We talked about the BoM cuz she works for the Marriott and has always seen the BoMs but has never read it. She is way cool and we're going back to see her this week.

Hindulo is good. We saw him the other night and got some good pics w him and his fam. He is really happy and loves that he is a member now! He can feel the holy ghost so distinctly. They're working on going to the temple--so we'll see what happens. It won't be for another year so maybe I'll need to fly back here one day.
The Beautiful Smith Family:  baby Nayhalo, Ghensa, Elder Heimuli & Hindulo

Oh, and last night we had a lesson with Ky. First one in about a transfer. We got in there and asked her if there was anything she had questions about or anything we could help her with. She said no but then said after a short a pause, "I guess we can just get ready for my baptism now." I couldn't believe what I just heard. There was about a 5 second delay until I could say anything. I was able to pipe out, "Wait, do you feel like you're ready now?" and she responded, "Yeah," with a nod of her head. I froze. I'm not use to success like this. I couldn't believe that after all this time of struggling she finally is gonna be baptized. E. Smith was a champ and took over. We set her date for the 28th!

Kn is good and said that she'll come to an actual church service to make up for the conference haha. She is loving the BoM! She even picked her own homework assignment--Mosiah 27, which is a really good chapter.

I'm trying to finish reading the BoM by the end of my mission. I'm in the first chapter of 2 Nephi...I need to pick it up hahha!

Elder Heimuli met up with old friends & companions at his final transfer.
L to R: Elder Perez, Elder Heimuli, Elder Thomas & Elder Searle
I'm so very blessed to be here and I'm grateful for all your support and love and prayers! I'm doing fantastic and just want to keep working hard! Love you all and I'll talk to ya'll soon!

--E. Heimuli

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