Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally...Pictures in the MTC!

(Below) The sacred name of Jesu Cristo -- to be worn over Elder Heimuli’s heart for the next 2 years.

First Day at the MTC:  The easy-to-spot “Dork Dot”…hopefully, he didn’t have to wear that for too long!

“Meet Las Hermanas de Districto D” (left to right):  Hna Lopez & Hna Miles

Hna Howard & Hna Benavides

“Los Elderes de Districto D” (clockwise from Elder Heimuli):  Elder Haight (Helam’s companero), Elder Carlisle, Elder Cartwright, Elder Rinderknecht & Elder Otteson.

“Mi escritorio” (Gosh, I hope that means “desk” – he’s still learning Spanish, after all)

“Mi paqueta primero” (Way back in the 80’s, I took high school Spanish, and even I can tell that’s probably incorrect – feminine noun with masculine adjective?)

“Goggles weren’t necessary. Pretty sure they had me cleaning w/water. Don’t trust the newbies with chemicals.” (Note from Mom to moms: Please don’t think the MTC is placing an unfair burden on the missionaries. Helam always looked this thrilled when he cleaned at home…)

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