Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Semana 4 - Testimony (& Testament) of Family

Disclaimer:  Mom has 100% editing liberties, but 0% time so you will probably see Elder Heimuli's letters just as written, punctuation-lacking, intermediate Spanish and all (with the help of my excellent copy-and-paste skills, of course).

This week has been really cool so far! well, cooler than last week hahaha. It's P-day and that's way nice and i'm just doin some laundry right now. It actually came really fast, it seemed just yesterday that i was here doin laundry last tuesday. Anyhow, i'm glad to hear that all you guys are doin good. I put all your names on the prayer roll last week cuz i just felt like it, and i think i'm gonna do the same today. I hope that you're feelin better, madre, sorry that you have the flu or somethin--but you're a trooper for goin to work!
I got everything that you sent me last week. i got the package, the tape and the newsletter! they were all great! tell the family that it was nice to hear from them and that their words of encouragement! Hopefully Hema and Norma will get my letter cuz i wanna know how my spanish is doin!
Speakin of Spanish, we hit it hard this week. We've had a Spanish lesson everyday since last Tuesday and it's been great! We learned preterit, imperfect, subjunctive, adjetive claus, direct and inderect object pronoun, reflexive, and a bunch of other stuff. English is such a messed up language, spanish actually makes sense when you speak it. There are a lot of rules and things like that to learn but it's ok cuz it's actually fun to be able to speak in a different language. We also learned how to effectively study the scriptures and it's so much cooler to do it in two languages--you get so much more out of it.
We went to the temple last week cuz it was finally open! we just hit up a session and that was awsome. pretty sure that it was super fun cuz it's when we can actually kind of leave the MTC and have a little bit of freedom to interact w people that aren't missionaries. i learned a ton from the session last week and i'm way excited to go today! our time is at 1 in the afternoon, and it's probably the best time cuz it's right after lunch and long enough to go right until dinner!
Sunday was pretty much the best day of the week. It all went as it normally did in the morning--we went to priesthood, then to sacrament where we are all nervous cuz we don't know who's gonna give the talk in spanish until the president calls our name over the podium, luckily it wasn't me! After words we had our district meeting where we teach lessons, but this week was different. Since the Hermana's were leaving we just had a big district testimony meeting. I gave a testimony about how family is important, and it was funny cuz i really didn't even think about it before hand, but while i was sharing my testimony the spirit testified to me and the district that it's true. i talked about that quote in the Miller's house that says, "a missionary is someone who leaves their family for 2 years so other families can be together forever." I think about not only you guys, but the family that i want to have when i get home. It's all very important to me and that's one of the biggest reason's why i'm here. I hope everyone can realize that for them selves. Then after that meeting, the Hermanas asked if they could get blessings before they left. Hermana Lopez asked if i'd give her one. i was surprised a bit, but i was really excited. It was a really cool experience to be able to use the priesthood that i hold to bless other people and how i could feel the spirit guiding me and telling me what to say.
That night we had our devotional and that was cool as always. i actually really like devotionals now.... But after, every sunday we watch a movie, and we watched the Testiments. I forgot how good that movie is! My favorite part is the very end where Helam is blind and he spent his whole life searching for Jesus. Jacob (his son) is sad that Jesus had finally come but because of his selfish actions, his dad can't see the Lord. Jesus appears and calls Helam by name, and blesses him by restoring his sight and then Helam cries and falls to his knees and really awsome music plays and it's really happy. Don't worry...i didn't cry at that part...ok, i did. But that's because i know that Christ knows each of us by name, and when he comes again he will say my name just that way, and he will know exactly how i've lived my life. i know that i want to cry when he comes again, but not becuase of my guilt, but becasue i'm happy that i finally get to see him after searching and believing in him my whole entire life. I know that this is true and i know that he will do the same for everyone on earth.
TJ left yesterday so that was a bummer, but all of us bountiful alum got pics before he left.

Below, Elder Kevin Allen (Mexico Merida), Elder Ben Lemon (Texas San Antonio), Elder H, and Elder TJ Farr (North Carolina Raleigh), together in the MTC.
So the Hermanas in my district were supposed to leave last night. we spent all day writing letters and stuff to them from each one of us elders in the district. We didn't see them all day until later that night, and it was way funny cuz i guess there's a huge storm in Atlanta so they had to shut down the airport!  what a bummer! So they are stuck here until further notice. TJ left in the morning so i don't know if he left or not...hopefully he did.
I would like it if you guys sent me a pair of my blue or grey levi shoes please? That's pretty much all i need. My scripture is D&C 98:12..i forgot why it's good, but it is.
Thank you for your prayers and love. i can feel it every day. and i pray that you can feel my prayers too.
Love, Elder Heimuli

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