Thursday, January 13, 2011

Very Grateful for Parry Good Friends

You've seen this pic before (below:  Elder Evan Parry -- yes, I said Elder -- and Elder H)...when Helam entered the MTC on 12/15/2010.  Yesterday (1/12/2011) was another wonderful missionary day...and lately, there have been many!  Another high school friend/teammate/brother, Elder Thomas Hamilton, entered the MTC on his way to learning Spanish to serve in Tallahassee, Florida.  Elder Heimuli has been looking forward to Thomas' arrival.  Hope they crossed paths yesterday!  If not, they will soon.  

Thomas lived with Evan's family until 1pm yesterday, when Craig & Becky Parry dropped him off at the MTC.  Last night, Evan opened his much-anticipated mission call.  Here's the fun part:  Thomas already knew where Evan was headed!  The Parry's received the thick envelope yesterday morning.  Evan (who's at BYU) gave long-distance permission for Thomas to take a peek and then seal it back up before he left.  By the time Evan opened his call at 7pm last night, it is likely all the Bountiful boys in the MTC already knew where he was going. 

Hevynn and Houston went to the Parry home for the exciting event along with tons of Evan's family and friends.  Are you ready?  Nagoya Japan!  Evan's father served in the same mission just a few years earlier, haha.  Helam's cousin, Elder Kastle Soliai from Hawaii, is currently serving in the same mission and will be out about a year by the time Elder Parry lands in Japan.  Another tender mercy for us all who are so grateful for the influence of very good friends and very good family members who have made such wise decisions to go wherever they are "Called to Serve". 

Elder Evan Parry (Nagoya, Japan) & Elder Helam Heimuli (Atlanta, Georgia)