Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Missionaries...Part Zwei

Zwei...that's Two in what language?  No, it's not Chinese -- who said that?  I received more good news about MTC Day.  Looks like Elder Heimuli was busy.  Another good friend/teammate/awesome BHS running back -- and now headed for Frankfurt, Germany (yes, zwei is German) -- Elder Mitch Johnson got Elder H as his first companion.  This quick note from Elder J's mom, Cheryl:  "Helam was standing there at the first stop.  We asked if we could stop there, but they sent us down to the end.  Helam sprinted clear down the long sidewalk following us.  It was very comforting for us to have a friend there to greet Mitch.  He was so excited!!  He couldn't wait to see his friends that he has missed."

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for very good friends?

...And this just in!  Elder H was able to welcome another new missionary/fellow BHS student body officer Elder Joe Leishman headed to Philippines Angeles mission (pictured below)!!

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