Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Semana 18 - I Love to See the Temple! Important People in Marietta. How did the package get there anyways?

Que pasa?!

Don't worry, I got the package! Thank you guys so much! You definately know you're a missionary when out of all the things you recieve in a package, the things you're most excited about are g’s and "Jesus the Christ" hahaha! But yeah, those DriLux are a life saver, now I won't sweat just walking outside!

How did the package get there anyways? Did you guys just ditch it at the door? I'm sure it would have gotten to me safely--there's a guy that lives near us, his name is Eddie, and he always watches packages that get dropped off at the door for us haha. He calls me Big H!

I'm glad to hear about the temple experience! It's such a beautiful temple! I've been on 2 tours already and I'll probably end up with 3 or 4 more before the Open House is done! Last week we worked at the temple, helping with parking. We stood outside for 8 hours! A couple of the Elders got sunburns...Elder Henderson got the worst of it. His face was totally red afterwards! ... now it's just all peely...eww ;) But yes, worked last wednesday and then Saturday night Elder Morris and I went with Juan, Emily, their kids, Emily's sister and her boyfriend, and their mom with a couple more kids. La jira fue todo en espanol. Nuestro guia fue un hombre que servio su mision en Chile, como hace veinte anos! Que viejo! jajaja (tribute to Mr. Hema). I met a lot of sister missionaries there and one of them is from Payson that knew we know any? She says she just loves, who doesn't?

So the people you met at the Open House are from my area. Smyrna is right next to Marietta, if you guys didn't know. If they were members they would go to the same chapel that we do! So maybe I'll have to look out for a Bonnie and David!

Ramon is doing well. Andres I haven't heard from since. Juan and Emily--we're still trying to get them married...along with 3 other couples in our branch. Elizabeth came to church but Eva didn't. We are gonna try and see them every day this week to try and set a date. This past week I've used my Priesthood a lot, it's been a cool experience. I helped confirm 4 people (oh yeah, the other elders had a family baptism this weekend. The mom and three of her kids). Gave the Dad of those kids, Ernesto, a blessing. Blessed two women on Sunday. When we were at the temple Saturday night, I blessed a little girl. It was in English and for the longest time I couldn't remember how to say anything!

I haven't been able to go to Evan's house. It's out of our mission I think...

I am definately enjoying serving with Elder Morris. He is a really cool guy and we get along great. We just keep working hard! We're not the perfect missionaries, but we try to do better every chance we can!

As for the Heimuli Clan, just tell everyone I love them and I pray for them. I know that they're all doing what they need to and if they ever need help with anything, our Heavenly Father will be more than happy to help his children that ask.

Like we read in 3 Nephi 13:32: "...porque vuestro Padre sabe las cosas que necesitais antes que le pidais." Also, when you call Hema to ask him to translate this, can you also tell him to talk to the family really quickly about how he experienced this in his mission, and tell Sifa too, and anyone else who has served a mission. I know that God knows what we need, maybe even before we know it. If we need help through a trial, or need comfort, or need strength, or anything like that we just need to ask. We need to show our faith in our Heavenly Father by humbling ourselves, and he will help us.

I'll let you guys know about Mother's Day. I'm sure I call you, but you guys need to calm down, we still got 3 weeks hahaha!

Love you guys! Pray for most of you!

Love, Elder Heimuli

ps. I pray for ALL of you hahaha!

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