Monday, April 4, 2011

Semana 16 - Conference/Baptism Combo-Supreme!

Hola, hola, hola!

Well, another week down and what a great one it was! ...well, the weekend anyways haha! So I didn't get any packages yet, so maybe today! If not, I guess that means i'm getting transferred haha! That's right, this week is transfers and it's pretty exciting. Tonight is when we get the calls to see where we all end up. Elder Carpenter is leaving for sure, but as for my companionship, tonight will be the night. Which reminds me, thanks for the contact--I'll try my best to see what's up but if i get transferred i'll try and refer him to some good english elders!

We were hit by HUGE rainstorms almost every day this past Utah standards. Here, flooding and getting hit by sheets of water are a pretty regular occurance and the lightning and thunder here sound like explosions! Really cool.

Now, my weekend was full of some pretty neat things. One of which was the Conference/Baptism combo-supreme! That's right hermanos y hermanas, a soul was brought unto the kindom of our father! Ramon got baptized Saturday in between conference sessions and I had the opporitunity to baptize him...pretty sweet. Last week, after i emailed you guys, we called President Satterfield and recieved special permission to go through with the baptism even though he had only attended one week at church. We ALL felt like Ramon was a solid guy and that Satan would be trying very hard to get him if we didn't baptize him soon. So, all is well. As i said, the service was in between sessions and it was all held at the chapel. Of course, I did miss a bit of the saturday morning session because we were running around trying to get everything together because a girl named Yesenia was baptized too by the Smyrna elders at the same service. Two for the price of one! It was a really cool experience, and I'm only a greenie! That just means there is much more ahead for me and in my time as a missionary.

I LOVED conference this weekend. Probably the best one yet...maybe becuase i stayed awake for all of it...nah, that can't be it;) I took down a lot of notes, and a lot of profound things were said that i hope you were all able to catch. One of which was said by Russell M. Nelson, "it will not be easy or popular to be a latter day saint in the future." This is so true and getting truer every year. The world is gradually descending farther and farther from God and we need to stay steadfast. Having our very own testimony is so important, and it's kind of a scary thought that we will be faced with persecution and such but we are reassured by the quote that Elder Nelson shared by Pres. Monson, "the future is as bright as your faith."

Rememer that the words of the prophets are for US as individuals, and as you hearken to them, you will always walk in righteous paths and god's promises will always be there for you.

Well, that's it for now. I love you all and i pray for you all!

--Elder Heimuli

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