Monday, April 25, 2011

Semana 19 - Temple, Harrison, Letter from Home

(Note from Mom: Can't believe it's been 4 1/2 months already. Elder H only recently discovered he could hit "reply" to my emails; up until then, he was creating a new message every time -- a remarkable feat considering he's not a typist...which makes us all the more grateful for his letters! In a departure from the norm, I'm attaching our letter after his, to help explain some of his responses.)

Hola familia!

Well, it's another week gone and another week has arrived. We just finished up the Open House for the Georgia Atlanta Temple. The last day was this past Saturday. I had the special opporitunity of going twice this week hahaha! Lucky me! I spent all day at the temple Thursday from 8am-5pm just standing and parking people. Man my body was sore after that ha but it was all good. Of course, I went through a tour after. Oh sorry, I meant Friday, not Thursday. Then Saturday we went with this huge group of people from our branch through another tour. Our investigator Elizabeth was there and some of her family (i think...). She loved it and we are gonna try and set a date with her tonight. (things haven't been going as planned the past week, sad to say.) So yes, a lot of temple again this week. I met a lot of really cool sisters from the North mission there! Three polynesian sisters, one went to East High, and another lived on Oahu next to the Pearl Harbor area. Too bad all the Elders in the North mission are lame (hahaha just kidding Tolu).

I think I might be able to go to the giant activity thing on Saturday and the rededication on the 1st. It's gonna be sweet! I'm really excited for that. And then i'll be able to GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!! Hooray!

Did Harrison get the card I sent him??? It was a really cool one and it'd be a shame if it got lost in the mail. I'm glad to hear that he still remembers his number one brother (me, not Hema). I don't know what possesed him to say "Hema..." THEN "...Helam" but he'll get it right soon hahaha! He's just a little confused, that's all--he's one year older and wiser now:)

My Easter was good. In fact it was exactly like any other Sunday! I actually forgot it was Easter until about 7 o clock last night. We only had Juan come to church. Elizabeth was sick so she didn't make it. Our biggest focus this week is just getting members married, i'm sure i mentioned this last week. We have 3 and possibly 4 families that need to get married and we want to do it all this week. Wish us luck haha!

Morris is good. I'm learning lots from that swell guy.

Right now i'm working on how to teach 'con prisa y con confianza' in my lessons. It's a motto i came up with cuz too many times missionaries drag out lessons and the Spirit leaves or they are too timid and the investigator gets bored and stops caring.

I need to go now, but i love you all! Thakns for everything you do and I am working hard for you guys! I may need contact solution...and anyting else your mothers intuition says...but other than that i am dandy!

Love you all

--Elder Heimuli


Hi Son,

How was your week? We just walked in the door from the Heimuli meeting at Uncle Hema's house. The girls (Nei, Melisa, Lisa and Laveni) planned a fun Easter egg hunt for all the kids. It was great! Everyone liked your letter, scripture, and Sifa did a great job of sharing an experience from his mission. Hema and Norma couldn't make it because it was the 4th Sunday which is Norma's family meeting. Easter Sunday was great except my class was hyper from all the candy. Now that we have church from 1-4pm, Harrison's often grouchy and sleepy, but at least he doesn't throw things at the back of my head anymore! Haha.

Did you get to go back to the Open House with your other investigators? Are you going to be able to attend the Cultural Celebration on Saturday, or the dedication on Sunday? What a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

How was your Easter? Did your investigators come to church today?

Any more tornadoes this week? How is Elder Morris? Tell him we said hi! I would love to touch base with his mom if you can get me her email address. If not, that's okay.

Well, Harrison turned 6 on Thursday. I had meetings all day, so Hevynn and I did the whole birthday poster/presentation/treats in his class on Wednesday. Yes, we worked our tails off for that cute little guy. When it came time for his class to ask questions, one girl asked, "Who is your favorite person?" What do you think he said? Probably his mom or sister who worked so hard to make his special day extra-special, right? Wrong!

He said, "Hema and Helam." Then he saw me looking at him, so he added, "...and Mom." Then he saw Hevynn glaring at him, so he added, "...and Hevynn." Can you believe it?! You and Hema are obviously who he looks up to. That 6-year-old rascal! He's so cute. Dad bought him 2 pairs of nice shoes which he said were "just like Hema's and Helam's!" and he had a lot of other gifts. Spoiled.

Hevynn has UVU finals this week. Then she'll start Summer Term. We are so proud of her.

Houston's busy with school and soccer. He's such a good young man -- the YM all sang in Sacrament Meeting today, and Jesse Scott played the cello (he was really good!) and Atticus Wolfgramm sang a solo on one of the verses. I was impressed.

Sifa finished finals last week and is busy with his Institute calling. The companion he had on that outer island finally came home, and Sifa attended his homecoming this morning.

Dad is still by far the hardest-working man I know. We are so blessed and so lucky that he takes such good care of us.

Hema and Norma are working hard, too. They love and support each other, and have fun doing it. It's nice to see what a wonderful husband Hema is (but no surprise at all!).

Let me know if there's anything you need. I need to send you a box this week some time, but need some ideas of what to put in it.

Stay obedient to every rule. Don't waste a minute of the Lord's time. I know you and your comp are working hard to change the reputation of the Spanish-speaking missionaries, and you will do that through your great examples and your willing and exact obedience. Not to mention the many blessings and increased measure of the Spirit you (and us, too!) will receive.

We all love you very much!


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