Monday, March 28, 2011

Semana 15 - Tooth Fairy Package, Community Service, Ramon

Hola Familia!

It's so great to hear everything that's going on, I hope that you're all doing wonderful and the Lord is blessing you all everyday--that is my only wish (besides bringing others to the gospel) that my family will be blessed through my efforts out here.

Thank you for the packages and stuff you sent me! I got both the LdM package and the toothfairy package...not gonna lie, my first reaction when i saw Harrsions tooth was, "ewww...a tooth" and then my second reaction was, "haha he probably looks really funny now:)" And don't worry, I brush my teeth twice a day and floss--after seeing the dental state of some people's mouths out here, there's no way i won't. There's this guy named Dave who lives in the Eastside trailerpark and his teeth are pretty jacked, and every time he talks one of his teeth moves and I honestly think that one of these times it's just gonna fall right out. Motivation enough.

So the first part of this week was spent doing community service, 20 hours to be exact, because my father got in a car accident in December and this is how he had to get rid of it. So we worked on Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9-5, and then Thrusday for 4 fun...haha. We did the court ordered service at this drug rehab place named 'The Extention.' That picture i sent (i hope it finally worked) was a book shelf that we found and it had a secret door that led to this back room (which we had to clean and it had dead mice in it). I just thought it was super sweet and wanted a picture. The place was funded by another Church and we saw lots of religious books all over the shelves, so we took those in the back, and put a bunch of BoMs everywhere on the shelf--along with some DVDs that we put on the tv:) The people there were pretty nice and there was a guy there who even lived in Hawaii and knew about our church because of the PCC. Crazy.

So, Ramon, the investigator that we met last week has his baptism for this Saturday and I'm supposed to do the baptizing...but he didn't come to church yesterday because he worked all that night and into that next Sunday morning. We might have to postpone it another two weeks becuase he has to attend church one more we were really bummed about that. He is such a cool guy though, and really sincere. We've been teaching him and he has lived everything we teach him. He LOVES coffee, but when we taught him the WoW, he looked at us and then said, "well, i guess it's just water for me from now on." Ramon even stayed up until 4 the other night just reading the LdM...he's been reading for a week and he is up to Alma! I started reading the day i got here and I just barely finished Alma...he's a trooper man. So, I hope that we can work something out soon cuz we feel he needs to be baptized ASAP cuz Satan is gonna be working on him hard in the next couple weeks if we don't.

I just want to tell you all that the things that have blessed me so much just in this past week have been reading the BoM and listening to the words of the prophets. Read the BoM everyday and you will see the blessings that come, whether it be finding answers to questions you may have, or giving you the strength to overcome daily challenges you may face. This next weekend we have the opporitunity of hearing the words of God through his latter-day servants, the prophets. Remember that these words are FOR US. They're not just talking for their own health (sound familiar?) but they're talking to give us the guidance that we NEED directly from our Heavenly Father. When you listen, have questions in mind and i promise they will be answered.

I love you all and pray for you all!

Love--Elder Heimuli

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