Monday, March 7, 2011

Semana 12 - Email, Spam & WWJD?

Que pasa calabasa?

So, i just barely discovered how to 'reply' to e-mails, which is so much faster than having to compose a new one and address it and everything...i'm so slow sometimes hahaha and i can't blame it on the Spanish haha!

Anyways, so it sounds like the wedding was great! I wish i could have come to see everyone and go through the temple with you all, but the Lord has something more important for me to do. Tell everyone thanks for their prayers and that i love them all. I hope everything is going well for the Murray side!

My trainers' name is Elder Jeremiah Jones (sounds like a lumber jack) and he graduated from Grantsville High School.

I recieved all of the packages that you have sent thus far and i am so grateful for them! I also got Hema and Norma's package they sent me and that was wonderful too! The other 3 elders took care of the cookies for me ha! I got all the letters from the Heimuli side, I will try to write them all back, but we'll see how far i get with the very limited time i have. For now, just tell them all thank you for their support and that i love them.

It's true that i am the driver and the cook too! My father (Jones) says he is proud to have a son like me hahaha, i hope that's sincere;) Oh, and all the haoli Elders here love spam! Crazy, but i've cooked spam every night, and i usually only get to eat one or two pieces cuz they eat it while i'm cooking hahaha. It's all good though!

(Note from Mom:  Some families send packages of treats to their missionaries.  We send Spam, Ramen noodles and nori [a.k.a. seaweed].  Ask any Hawaiian you know...Spam is Hawaii's version of steak!  And it sounds like Elder Heimuli's comps have been converted.)

I'm glad you got the pictures of me and the Satterfield's, and i am sending more pictures soon, hopefully right after i send this e-mail...but we'll see:)

So, some highlights of my week...

Not gonna lie, it's been a tough one this week. People in the south are fine to talk about Jesus, but when the word 'Mormon' creeps in they shut down. We did a lot of tracting this week and therefore, we got a lot of rejection this week hahaha! Kind of a bummer, but this week will be better! I just need to try harder to focus in with the Spirit and i'll find those who are sincerely searching for the gospel. We were knocking in one complex that was completely empty (well, it's either that or no one answered their doors). We have set a few appointments but they always fall through. There was one lady who seemed really interested and set a return appointment. When we showed up, we knocked her door and heard her son say, "los hombres de la iglesia," to his mom. We waited and no one answered the door. Bummer. We are trying again tomorrow. We exprienced similar things like that this week. That same day we knocked a door and this white trash hillbilly answers and the first words out of his mouth were, "what the freak do you want?" (except he used another choice 'f' word). We smiled and said, "Hi, we're missionaries--" and he slammed the door in our faces. We chuckled at this and started to walk away when (i guess we irritated him when we laughed) he opened the door again and let off another string of choice four letter words. I was gonna punch him in the face, but instead i thought "what would Jesus do?" The answer came to my head, "damn him for eternity." I was ok with that answer, so i turned and we walked away.

I love the Spanish people here and my spanish is getting better fast! I know that as i continue in faith that i will find those ready to accept the gospel. The branch is doin well. Our investigators from Guatemala are doin pretty ok. I hope they will be ready by this saturday, but it might not happen. Until then we will just keep working with them.

Tell everyone at home that i love them! Tell Hevynn not to be mad at me too:) I pray for you all every night and i know that God will watch over us!

--Love, Elder Heimuli

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