Monday, March 21, 2011

Semana 14 - Temple Open House is Coming! Greenies on the Loose

Que tal?

It does seem pretty crazy that i've been out for 3.5 months, but when I look back it seems like i've been out a little longer than that hahaha! The only reason I feel like I'm still new at this is because the spanish is still a little difficult for me. I just wish i could speak it already so I can teach as fluent as i'd like to--but I'm just doing everything I can for now.

My week...

We had exchanges tuesday and wednesday, and everyone thought it'd be funny to stick the two greenies together! So, me and Elder Haight were thrown into the Spanish world. It was really cool, actually. I did most of the talking, and I was surprised at how much i could understand and say. We taught two lessons, contacted lots of people and i even got several return appointments (this wasn't my area though haha) but we'll see if they pull through--they're known to stand us up at the door haha! I learned a lot just from that experience and I really hope i get to do that again. My language is improving. It's slow, but improving. I've actually been dreaming in spanish now! It's kinda weird, but very cool!

I gave myself my first missionary haircut! It'll probably be my last as well, because it was a total failure, but I heard you have to do it atleast once:) It is VERY difficult to cut your own hair, and i'm not entirely sure how the back of my hair looks...i'm too scared to check it out haha!

The Atlanta Temple has an open house coming in the first two weeks of April, after General Conference. Tranfers is happening the first week of the open house, so i hope i stay here to help give tours and such! The missionaries will be helping a lot when that happens. Our mission will assign 12 elders every day to help with traffic and be guides, so that would be cool if i got that opporitunity. We've been focusing a lot of our attention on trying to get the members to invite their non-member friends to come along with them! This is why our mission has been slow lately. Satan knows what affect the Temple will have on the people here and how much it will bless them. He is working very hard and it has been a battle, but we can finally see success!

One cool experience I had happened on Friday. Our whole night fell through (which has beeen happening frequently this week) and we were very dicouraged and were about to go home early to work on another project like we did the night before. Something told us to visit a member named Elizabeth. We went over and we see her outside her tailer. It's dark, so when she recognizes who we are, the first thing out of her mouth was, "Where were you last night?!" Elder Jones and I were confused and said, "What do you mean? You didn't call us?" Elizabeth then says, "My friend here came over last night and said he wanted to be baptized. I told him that the missionaries will know to come over and teach you. It's ok though, cuz you're here now and he's inside." The spirit lead us to that house and I'm grateful we didn't return home that night. I don't know what would have happened if we didn't go over. We met her friend that night, Ramon, and we set a date for April 2nd.

I know we are called for a reason, and if we just listen to the spirit, we will know what to do and find the people we need to find.

Also, our other family is getting married, and Juan is getting baptized, hopefully on the 2nd as well.

I love you all and pray for you all!

Love--Elder Heimuli

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