Monday, March 14, 2011

Semana 13 - Japan, Wahoo, Elders in the House

Que onda mi familia?

First off, i'm glad hear everything is goin good with the family in respect to the tsunami/earthquake. I heard about it that night it happened. All of our investigators and branch members know that my family is from Hawaii, so they all rattled off to me in Spanish, asking me how my family is and everything. They were all, honestly, more stressed about the situation than i was. haha. When i heard about it i knew that the family and Elder Soliai was doin fine, it was just this calm feeling that came over me. Plus, we got 3 missionaries out right now, so why worry, right?;) I pray for all those people who were effected, though, and i know that the Lord does everything for a reason.

I got the package that you sent! Thank you so much! Last night we had nothing else to eat but the two cans of Wahoo and the crackers, so thanks! The other elders love it haha! It's a good thing that today is P-day so we can restock on foodage! Sorry i didn't write letters to the kids last week, i got really busy towards the end of the night! I'll do better this week:)

As for what you can send me...i'm good for now! Maybe some referals that we could teach down here would be nice hahaha our pool is gettin dirty!

We didn't have a baptism this week. The progression here is really slow for most of our investigators, we are hoping to get 3 of them baptized by the end of this month, and maybe even 2 others that we found this week. One investigator, Andres, is a very simple, humble, cool guy. We found him last week. He is a neighbor of one of the less actives in the branch and we helped him translate a letter he wrote into english. He really loves the Book of Mormon, even though he doesn't understand it super well, but he accepts all of our teachings and seems excited about it. We hope to get him to church this week and set a date for him this month! Crossing my fingers!

Some info on the elders i live with...

Elder Haight and i live in the same house, so nothing different there. Then there's my dad, Baby Jones, who you already know about. Then there's Haight's dad, Elder Carpenter (i think i spelled that wrong). He is a really cool Elder, who has been out for about 15 months. He went to high school at Canyon View High, but he moved a lot growing up. He's never lived in the same place for more than 5 years. He's lived in Cali, Utah, England, and somewhere random, like Kentucky or something. Really smart and really loves sports. He played all the main sports in high school. He loves the Packers and almost DIED when he couldn't watch them in the Superbowl this year!

Sorry to hear about Elder Young. I hope he gets feeling better soon!

Obedience really is the most important thing as a missionary. Haha it's really funny cuz in the past couple years, the Atlanta,Georgia Spanish mission was known for it's disobedience...but lets see if we can't change that, right?

The Green Hornet is dead?  :( Sad day...

Well, i'll talk to ya'll and write some letters out to you today!

I love you all and pray for you all, especially for Mr. Goutman over there so he can start writting me! hahaha!

Love--Elder Heimuli

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