Monday, July 18, 2011

Semana 31 - Working really hard; How to maintain a testimony; Nephi's blessing

Dear family,

Haha it surprised me how short your letter was to me this week but it's a sign that things have slowed down a bit over there? You guys get a break haha?! It's the opposite for me over here in Marietta! Elder Anderson and I have been working really hard this past week. We just finished with our area map (updating members, less actives, investigators and potentials and pinning a flag where they live) about a week ago and it has really helped make our work more efficient. It also helps when there's no one home to tract into from 1-5 in the afternoons, so we start tracking down less actives and visiting members. Our branch currently has over one hundred members on record, but only about 30 are active. Needless to say most of our work this week was tracking down and teaching less actives. Our message to pretty much all of them was that going to church is one of the most essential parts of maintaining a testimony and recieving blessings. By about the third person we taught, we were SO sick of the "I can't go cuz I work" excuse. We were hoping to get 5 less actives to church yesterday, but none showed up. We'll keep working with them as the transfer goes on.

We spent the other part of our time just contacting and finding (trying to at least) investigators. We did find quite a few people that would listen to us, but whether they progress or not is totally up to them. We hope that they do. Carpenter (Spanish ZL) just told us that the whole zone is going up! Anderson and I just pray and work everyday in faith that we will find those people that are elect. We're both getting a long great and both share the desire to work hard! It's crazy how this transfer is already half way over!

Let's see, you're questions...the best thing that happend would probably be our interviews with President Satterfield. He is so amazing. I learned a lot from what we talked about and I have been applying the things he suggested to me like focus my studies more and other stuff like that. Everyday I learn SO MUCH MORE than I have just doing random studies. Yes, it's still super hot and humid and I don't like it at all! But i'm drinking lots of water! I did recieve your package you sent me w the food (thank you guys so much) and Harrison's letter with the pictures. I will try to send hand written letters soon! We had to wait ANOTHER week to hear word about the tomorrow we will see. Pray for us! It's cool though, cuz Juan is one of the strongest people in the branch and he's not even a member! Such a stud. I love him. I did get the primary letters...well, 3 of them. If that's all, then cool:) I'll sent a thank you soon!

The reading has been going well for me. I am in 3 Nephi and he is such a good example for missionary work. Nephi does the whole thing with the crowd of people and predicting the murder of the chief judge (starting at Helaman 8:27), and despite that everyone just ends up going their own ways, unchanged. Nephi is walking home alone when god speaks to him and tells him since he was such a faithful missionary. If you see how the scripture is set up it shows that God actually gives him a blessing! God says Nephi's name, states his authority ("I am God") and tells hime that everything that he binds on earth will be bound in heaven and so on. This blessing came about because Nephi labored without ceasing. This is how missionaries should be. Makes me feel like not such a hot shot missionary hahahah but I know that that's something I want to achieve. Pretty cool, I thought.

Anyways, everything is going well out here! Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Heimuli

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