Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Semana 29 - Transfers?...Oh, Canada...Look Out, Refrigerators!

Hi family,

Well, it's Tuesday now and I'm writing this today because we couldn't get to a computer during the 4th of July! Everything is going good here down in...MARIETTA! That's right, I am here for yet another transfer hahaha! It's my 4th one here in the same area and I was positive I was out. Actually, everyone in our district thought Henderson and I were the ones leaving--turns out we were the only ones that stayed haha! Everyone else in our district left. I'm excited to be here and continue the work that I've been doing since the start of my mission. My new companion is Elder Anderson. He is from Cardston, Alberta, Canada. He says it's about 15 minutes from the US border? Anyways, it's kinda crazy because he is only one transfer ahead of me. So, that means we are both terrible at Spanish...that also means we'll learn a lot this transfer haha! I am really excited for the challenge and I've actually been hoping for something like this just to see how well I can handle it! Pray for me!

Elder Anderson from Cardston, Alberta, Canada

4th of July was really great! P-day was extended until 8:30 (usually 6:00) and we didn't email either, so we had a lot of time to do stuff. We went thrifting and I got a super cool grey suit and some skinny ties (if you guys find any cool skinny ties, send 'em my way!). We had a barbecue with everyone in our ward which was also a going away party for one of the members who is moving back to Guatemala. Sad but very exciting at the same time! Then we just played sports to end the night. I am very sore right now. We played with a kid named Angel who is an Atheist, but he likes hanging out with us so we'll see what happends with that!

The whole past week Anderson and I have just been working our hardest. We have been doing a mixture of less active work and visiting members. We recieved a referal for a guy named Jorge and taught him the other night. He was worried about the second coming and what he needs to do to be ready for it. We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the five steps within it in our broken Spanish...we think he understood everything ha! It went well and we are going by again toinght. Sunday night we planned a whole 3-4 hours to travel up to Ackworth (30 minutes away) and contact 7 referals we had up there! We were so excited! It turns out we only spent one hour because NO ONE answered the doors! Frustrating!

Still working with the court for Juan. Still not even close to being fluent in Spanish. Bummer.

Houston is getting ready to ball it up in conditioning, huh? The only advice I have is to work hard. Try everyday to improve YOURSELF. Run faster than you ran the day before, beat one more person than you did the day before, lift harder than the day before, slack off less than you did the day before :) You want to be able to look back and say, "that's what I did," instead of, "that's what I could have done." Listen to Dad. He's old, therefore he knows (I'm joking Dad! You're the best!)

Everyone is so busy and growing up so fast! I feel sad I'm missing it haha but I know I'm here for the best reason in the world and I'm still here in Marietta for a reason! Houston driving? Oh no, tell all the refridgerators on the roads to look out! Hahaha get it? Cuz that one time that Houston drove...hit the's funny.
(Note from Mom: Actually, it was our deep-freezer. When Houston was 13, his 16 year-old sister decided -- without our permission -- that it was time for Houston to drive. He was trying to drive into the the gas and brake pedals mixed up...and drove into the freezer...with his sister/driving instructor in the passenger seat...nice.)

Well, my BoM reading is going well. My favorite part this past little while have been about the missionary work (I may be biased). I found lots of "missionary scriptures" that help me focus on my purpose and continue to work. I don't remember the reference and I don't have my scriptures here but I loved the scripture of Ammon (?) talking about his mission and how at first they didn't have success among the Lamanites and their "hearts were depressed" and they began to go back home. Then, the Lord told them to turn back and continue to work and he will give unto them success. (I feel like I may have written this in my last email home, but if not, then great!) I know that I need to work hard no matter where I am, and as I do, the Lord will GIVE success. Being humble enough to realize I can't do anyting for myself, but that I must rely on the Lord for EVERYTHING, has been the hardest thing for me. I am learning and trying everyday to improve myself, though, with the help of the Lord. I love this gospel!

Some things that I would like to request: spam, cornbeef, and maybe a Tongan grammar book or something like that. I cannot find anything like those out here...we have some white boys here who want to be Tongan (including me haha!)

Anyways, love ALL of you guys! Hope everything is going well and thank you so much for your support, you're amazing!

Love, Elder Heimuli

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