Monday, June 27, 2011

Semana 28 - I Hope They Call Me On a Mission...when I have killed a pig or two

(L to R: Elder Liuwanga, Heimuli, Morris, Pasiaka & Donnelly with Babe in front)

Hi peoples of Utah,

Of course, I'm doing good! It is a little bit super hot over here, but this week has actually been tolerable. I think it rained almost every day, but the air still feels heavy and hot. Meh, probably the closest I'll get to serving in South America. In a year and a half or so I can look back and laugh at this, but for now I'm just crying.

Good news! I cut my own hair again and this time I didn't totally fail! I have the blessing of learning many things out here: how to cut hair, speak spanish, roast a know, missionary things! I'll explain the pig in a bit...

Soccer was never my sport back at home, but the longer I stay here amongst the hispanics, the more it grows on me. It's like a algae. Anyways, the finals for the "Copa de Oro" which is a tournament held in America that includes teams from North and South America, was this past Saturday. Me and Morris have been cheering America on as they moved up the ranks, making to the finals, while Mexico (Juan's favorite team) made it there as well. My hopes were crushed Sunday morning when Juan walked into church with a big smile on his face, shaking my hand and saying, "4-2." His grin told me Mexico pulled it out. The night before I was about to bet him my whole next month's allotment...good thing we're not allowed to gamble hahaha. We're still waiting to hear about their situation, but we were told that we shold recieve word this week!

Anyways, on Saturday Morris and I went to Newnan (which is 1 hr 15min away from our house) to help set up and help with a big stake barbecue. All the Tongan Elders were invited to help mainly with the cooking. We left our house at 7 am and stayed out there all day. We set up, cooked a huge pig and a little pig, some chicken, and helped out with it all during the "Island Roast." Elder Teulilo even did a fire dance. It was a lot of work but it was really fun. There were quite a few people the went and they all enjoyed the food. I manned the grills, cooking chicken and pig that didn't quite get cooked all the way. None of us (polys) got to really eat during the party cuz we were working the whole time, but we made sure to grab some food to take home.

(Pasiaka & Heimuli...and a much browner Babe)

The funniest part was when we went home (or attempted to haha). We drove out from our house to College Park (which is 30 min from Marietta) to meet up with Elder Liuwanga and Elder Perkins to catch a ride with them to Newnan (which is 45 minutes from there). Well, when we went were heading home, we arrived at College Park (45 min drive) and Morris realized he left the keys in Newnan. So, we had to drive back (45 minutes). Once we finally got the keys we went back to College Park (45 minutes) and headed home to Marietta (30 more minutes). We got home SO late, like 11:45 haha...I was super tired Sunday.

(Heimuli, Raul & Morris looking chipper after Saturday's luau)

Transfers are in 2 days and I'm excited to see what happens. We all did district predictions and unanimously everyone guessed I was leaving haha. We'll see when we get calls tonight!

(Elder Morris & Heimuli trying to predict who's getting transferred)

Well, as for the BoM, not gonna lie, I fell behind a bit. I guess it's just you and Jessye that are the true saints hahaha! When Alma and Amulek go out to teach among the people, it's a great example of the agency of people. Alma and Amulek had many people come unto baptism and repentance in one land, while in the other, Ammoniah (I think) nothing happened at all. This didn't happen becuase Alma and Amulek were more faithful in one place than the other, but just that the people had the agency to accept their message or harden their hearts and reject them. I heard a saying that goes, "you can't say the wrong things to the right people, and you can't say the right things to the wrong people." Yeah. The people that will be willing to accept the holy spirit will do it, while the others just won't. It's simple hahaha.

Well, i'm glad you guys are doing good! I'll send pictures in a couple minutes!

Love you all and pray for ya'll!

--Love, Elder Heimuli

(Random note from Mom: Before/if Helam gets transferred this week, here's a pic of a Utah get-together with Elder Morris' family, Elder Benedict's family, and the Heimulis. What a privilege for us to meet the incredible families of Helam's comp and housemate...if Elder Henderson's family had been in town, we would have had them over, too!)

Back row L to R: Rachel Morris, Bergen Benedict, Mackenzie Benedict, Riley Benedict, Hema Heimuli (eww!), Norma Heimuli
Middle row L to R: Hevynn Heimuli, Dickson Benedct, Houston Heimuli
Front row: His Majesty Harrison Heimuli

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