Monday, June 6, 2011

Semana 25 - Car Fast Day (nothing like Fast Car Day)...Eastside Trailer Park...Collection for Juan...Uncle Sifa with hair?

Buenos dias!

Holy cow! Everyone looks so much older!!!! Harrison is looking more and more like me everyday...a super stud muffin! hahaha! First off, I will be sending pictures to your gmail account mom, so yeah.

From the sound of things you guys have been BUSY! It's a good thing everyone is out of school now! So is Hevynn done with high school now or what? Tell her to write me and tell me what's up! Houston better be getting ready to dominate in summer conditioning. I wish I was there to see it but hey, I'll be back soon enough yeah?

I'm not really sure what was the BEST thing that happened this week, so I'll just share some highlights and you guys can decide! The first part of my week was spent in Atlanta on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was up there just doing work with Elder Carpenter.

It can really make the missionaries' day to run into the perfect investigator who listens without interrupting...

Every day this past week it has been 98 degrees and hotter outside, and with humidity that's a huge punch in the face. The best part was that Wednesday was a car fast day (we have one every month designated by the Pres where we can't use the car all day) so we walked in the heat!

Carpenter and Heimuli on Car Fast Day

I felt like a missionary in South America...weird. While we were walking along the side of the road we hear this voice yelling from behind us, "You boys are far from home!" We were thinking, "Oh great, someone else that hates Mormons." When this car passes us, there is a guys hanging out of the passenger window with a Utah license plate in his hands. What the? Anyways, they pull over and we walk over and talk to them. They were both middle aged guys and both converts from Utah. They are working in Atlanta for an alarm system company. So they give us some cold bottled water (the lord provides!) and invite us to breakfast the following day. Pretty cool stuff. Most of our appointments fell through during the transfer, but hey, I'm used to it hahaha! I got back into Marietta on Thursday, but not before Carps and I walked from the MARTA station past the temple to the Liahona in the heat again!

C&H wiped out after a long day in the heat & humidity

Pretty big news here. You can look up the story on line, but in the Eastside Trailer Park (across the street from our house where we work everyday) there was a 16 year old kid who shot and killed his younger brother. We taught his mom a few times and we're actually good friends with his younger sister. It happened Wednesday night/Thursday morning and the kid ran away after. We were in the park all day Thursday talking to families and finding out what happened.

We're still working on the divorce situation with Juan. All the missionaries in the zone are giving some money and Morris and I will finish up the rest.

Elder Morris & Heimuli's collection for Juan

We're hoping to get everything wrapped up and Juan baptized this transfer. I've been working with this since I got here. A little frustrating sometimes haha.

As I've been reading the Isaiah chapters in the BoM, I realize that no matter how many times I read them, I'm still just as confused as the last time hahahahaha! Nephi relates the Isaiah chapters in the BoM again because they are so important for us in this day. Remember that when God repeats himself, we'd better be listening. Nephi constantly pushes us to keep to the word of God cuz that's the one thing that will guide us in a world of changing values. Amen:)

Well that's it for now. I love all you guys and pray for you always! Thanks for everything that you do for me, I know it's a lot!

--Love, Elder Heimuli

ps. I was looking through a book of church art and I came across a photo entitled 'Paying Tithing' or something like that taken in 1996. The thing that took me by surprise was that one of the men looked like Uncle Sifa...but with hair! haha I must be crazy:)

(Note from Mom: Elder H sent these pics just for fun!)

Elder Morris & Heimuli having dinner with a family (ahhh, Tampico!)

Elder Henderson & Heimuli (food critics) at the Varsity: "very expensive, not very good!"

Elder Benedict & Elder Heimuli starting a "friendly" game of indoor basketball (then WHY the helmets?!)

Well, no wonder! The ball is huge...deadly...dangerous...puh-leeze!

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