Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Surprise! Let's Play "Where's Heimuli?"

Dear Mother...again...

Do you guys want to play a fun game called "Where's Heimuli?" Here's how you play:

-go to
-find the files about the Atlanta Temple Open House/Rededication
-open them and look through the pics
-see if you can find me!

I know for sure there is one picture there of me and Elder Morris. This random asian dude with a camera came up to us and was like, "stand over here," and he took our picture then said, "this will be on a website," and he told us the name. I totally forgot about it until now. I don't know if there are more but if there are see if you can find them!

Alright, love you again!

--Elder Heimuli

(Note from Mother: I give up!)

(New Note: Jessye found it! At but I have no idea who the guy is in the middle...the name tag says "Usher" but it certainly doesn't look like him)

(That's more like it!)

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