Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Semana 22 - Finally...a letter. Farewell, Evan! Funny thing happened...

Hola familia! Alright, so this is the email I sent yesterday but I got back on the computer today to do my president's letter and I saw in my inbox that it got sent back to me. Sorry if you didn't recieve a letter from me yesterday, but here it is! (Note from Mom: Yes, I was a bit concerned...well, deeply depressed and freaking out are probably more accurate descriptions.)

Well, it sounds like your Sunday was a lot busier than mine! Haha That's really cool about Evan's farewell and everything! Wish I could say I'd rather have been there to see it, but nah -- a mission is much better :) I heard about Kenny and I sent him a letter on Saturday so hopefully he gets it in the next couple of days. I don't know if I have time right now to write everyone cuz transfers is this Wednesday and we're a little busy, but I will find time to write real letters to everyone! I need Craigory's address...

I hope everyone's happy...especially Norma who married this SUPER AMAZING guy (who's just a little hairy...) that loves her lots and would do anything for her! I'm pretty sure she knows all that already haha! Hema: Toca en la guitarra una cancion bonito para su querida esposa ahorita!

I sent that letter about the reading from the President, so whatever it says, just go with it! Elder Morris is good and our week was still pretty slow...not many elect people :( But hey, we're still goin! "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." And we plan on working until "the Great Jehovah shall say, 'it is done.'"

On Sunday we just had church like normal. We usually teach the Gospel Principles class because the person with that calling doesn't do it. This week we didn't have to though, cuz Hermano Brown (this crazy old Venezuelan guy) taught it. He is the former second counselor who just got released this past week and called to be the teacher. He knows a lot of doctrine, but he's a little 'loco de la cabeza' and says a little too much sometimes. This week he was telling an investigator about how her child has a different name in heaven and was proving in class why other religions were false (she is Catholic). I just put my head in my hands and prayed that she'd come back next week!!!!!!

The funniest part of yesterday was when we were parked at a stop light and Elder Morris saw a screwdriver in the road. We were in dire need of one. He ran out to grab it but then dropped his pen. The light turned green so he started panicking. When he bent over to get his pen, his pocket barfed and all the cards fell all over the road. We were all in the car laughing. So he scrambled to grab the cards, jumped in the car and drove across the intersection and then we almost hit some people trying to cross the street, and while we were stopped in the middle of the intersection, a car almost hit us. We were just busting out laughing the whole time, except Elder Haight who was a little freaked out. Pretty sure everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. We just drove off really fast to save us the embarrassment.

Well that's all the action for this week. I'll be sure to let you know about transfers and all that good stuff next time!

Love you! Pray for you!

--Elder Heimuli

PS. I'm staying in Marietta with Morris another transfer hahaha

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  1. So glad that they didn't get hurt in that accident...I also wanted to ask what Kenny is he talking about? Was it Kenny Judd? I was sad that we missed evan's farewell, Lionel had to give a talk so I was at that. Heard he did a great job, another young missionary to add to the newsletter! They are all doing such a great job, TJ asked me to find out how Elder Lemmon is doing, he has not been in the newsletter lately, have you had any news? Have a geat day and thanks for sharing Helams letters. Tamee