Monday, May 2, 2011

Semana 20 - When he spoke I knew for a surety that he is a prophet of God

Hola familia!

So the weather here is holding haha. It's not like we're very aware of what goes on in "the outside world" anyhow, which also includes weather. The only reason I knew about the huge storm is becuase the tornado sirens were going off that night (which happens more frequent than you'd expect) and in the morning there was a tree that fell on a car hahaha. It was right next to our car but ours didn't even get a scratch--nice to see even the Lord's cars are protected:)

Sad...someone's car got the brunt of a tree snapped by a tornado

Really sad...Elder Heimuli noticed inside the car was a Haitian flag (hasn't Haiti suffered enough?)

The week was good. We dropped a lot of our investigators because they hadn't been progessing, so this next week our focus will be finding. We did teach a lot of lessons though, so that was a plus. We went on a few exchanges this week and one of them the greenie came with me! It was kinda weird to be the one who knew more Spanish, but it was good.

This Saturday we were able to watch the Cultural Celebration. It was broadcast in our chapel. It was cool to see everyone excited about the temple and how many members there actually were in Georgia! It surprised me! It was funny though cuz there were just so many kids doing each dance that it was kind of a mess. They'd be all squished together on stage and banging into each other cuz 1/3 of the kids were lost, 1/3 of them looked like they didn't wanna be there and the other 1/3 actually knew what they were doing. It's ok though cuz President Monson was totally into it the whole time.

Sunday we drove out to a chapel in a city called Brockett where the rededication was to be broadcast. We didn't have church cuz there were 3 different broadcasts. We went to the 9 o'clock one. It was really cool to be apart of another temple dedication. The coolest part for me happened when President Monson spoke right before he dedicated the temple. When he got up to speak I just looked at him and started to cry. I didn't cry because of anything he said, but just because of how he appeared. When he spoke I knew for a surety that he is a prophet of God. I know that we have the one man on earth now who speaks with that authority from God and that he leads the true church of Jesus Christ. That was the first time I've ever recieved a witness like that before in my life and I'm so very grateful that I did.

Now I know crying doesn't always mean that the Spirit is present, but I know that was the case during the dedication yesterday. In Alma 5:45-46 it talks about receiving an answer through the Holy Spirit. Read it and do the things it says if you are looking for an answer to a question or even guidance and it will be given to you. Like Elder David A. Bednar said in general conference--whether it is by "sudden illumination" or a "gradual increase of light" you will know when you recieve that answer.

Oh and just a funny little thing happened. After the session I met a poly lady outside who said she is Sione's (Johnny's) sister and she went to school with Dad. She says hi:)

I finished reading the BoM this morning. I started the day I left the MTC and I commited myself to read it all the way through for the first time. Yay! I did it! It was such a good experience! Funny though, because a couple days ago President Satterfield told us to read the BoM all the way through (again) and this time invite our families to read along with us. So starting next transfer he wants us to start and every week talk about what we've read with our families--he said that we should finish in 2 transfers. Cool beans?

I will probably be allowed to email you guys before mother's day to set it up. so yeah.

Love you all!

--Elder Heimuli

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