Monday, May 9, 2011

Semana 21 - Pics, Pets, Places, Putting People in the Past

(Note from Mom: Shortest letter ever -- to be expected since we just talked to Elder H on a conference call 24 hours before!)

Hi familia,

It was great to talk to you guys yesterday too! It made me nervous to speak in Spanish to Hema cuz my Spanish skills aren't that great, but i'm glad you guys think so haha! I'll keep working hard on improving so i'll be even better in 7 months time:)

I'm bummed I didn't talk to Grandpa H! That guys should have talked or something haha! Tell him hi from me and that I want to talk him and also Dad for longer than 2 minutes, yeah? And yes, I got to talk to grams so that was cool. The conference call was kinda overwhelming at first because I couldn't understand when everyone was talking all at the same time!

Good luck at the farewell next week. Tell Elder Parry (and Craigory) that real men go to the South! Then, apologize to Craigory and tell him thanks for the letters and that I'm doin fine! (Evan's dad). I'm sure Jessye would love to go to game night!

The kids sound great! Except Harrison didn't talk hahaha. I'm sad Hevynn is mean to the Brothers, that's why i'm glad i'm out here cuz I'm out of hitting distance hahaha. Tell Houston to work his hardest--I wanna see a freshman starting Varsity/All-State when I get home! Just keep loving them like I know you always do, Mom!

Some of these first few pictures are "The Black Supper," me and my pet Mighty, and a few pics of me and Morris at the temple with some former investigators hahaha.

I'm sending more as we speak!

Love you guys and have a great week!

--Elder Heimuli

Mighty the Duck was a short-lived pet -- no, he didn't die; he just wasn't a pet for long...after he pooped in the tub...then pooped in Elder Morris' drawer...Mighty was sent out into the big, bad world.

Me holding a puppy! I named him P-Gunie! (Note: I'm sure P-Gunie's actual owners were thrilled with that name...good thing "Mighty" was already taken)

Us in CokeWorld -- we drank this nasty drink called Beverly that tastes like earwax!

Eating at a park on Mother's Day because we picked up some food from a member but we didn't wanna go back and eat in our messy house...the guy who took the last picture asked if we were the "Normans" ...I just said yes...

So Henderson's birthday was on the 28th and we made a cake out of ding-dongs and put candles on it, then we used those candles to make mini-smores! (we're so creative!)

Pic of us burning the tie that Elder Haight's girlfriend gave him (cuz he got dear johned!)

Me and Morris at the Temple with some former investigators...who need to get married

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  1. For the record, I am not "mean" to the boys...I just give them love-shoves and love-taps with my fingers balled into fists...never "mean"