Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Semana 24 - "If all else fails, do what Nephi did"

Dear Mother :)

What is the BEST thing that happened to me this week? Well, I'd have to say the baptism on Saturday. Now, before you get too excited, it was in our branch. They were investigators of the Smyrna elders. The dad was an inactive member who was baptized in Mexico, so his wife and 10 year old son was baptized saturday. Really cool to see. Of course it was completely disorganized and there was no one from the branch presidency there until the last 5 minutes but it happened.

Everyone is doing fine. The finding is...going :) We are finally moving forward with some marriages, but there are still a few problems here and there. Haha it just sometimes seems like we are more worried about it than the couples are. Crazyness!

Sorry this is late, every library is closed on Memorial Day! I did get the poly food and thanks so much for it! I like eating food that doesn't make me sick for days afterwards for a change hahaha! Good ol' rice and corned beef. And yes, of course I shared everything with the other elders.

Ha the Tallahassee Mission is actually mostly Alabama with the little panhandle of Florida...pretty interesting. If you met the people down here in the South, it wouldn't be a mystery why the boundaries are so crazy!

The temperature here is starting to climb like crazy! It's been in the middle/high 90s the last couple of days and the humidity isn't helping. I'd LOVE for a little rain right now. There was a huge storm that passed through Thursday where it just rained sheets of water and had tons of lightning, but since then it's been hot. Our Sunday we just decided to teach like crazy. We busted out 8 lessons in about 3 or 4 hours. It's pretty sad how many people don't want the gospel as part of there lives hahaha. We had no investigators come to church (well, besides Juan but he's solid) so that was lame.

The BoM is so great! I'm glad you are all doing the challenge and I'm sure you're all learning a lot as a result. I know I am...well, as much as I can squeeze out from Spanish haha. I've been lagging a few pages cuz I'm so busy, but I'm trying my best to stay on top of it! Spanish is a beast! Probably one thing that stuck out to me was Laman and Lemuel and how they always needed a stern reminder. Especially for me, and teaching so many different types of people, I have seen the ones who have needed that stern reminder. The way you go about doing that is the way Nephi does. He does it out of love and wants them to change to improve themselves. I have experiences where I've called someone out just because I was frustrated or I wanted to make them look stupid--and that's not the way. Showing them boldly and directly but lovingly at the same time will get through to them much more effectively. When I do that, the outcome is much better. Nephi is such a great example in everything--if all else fails, do what Nephi did.

Love you all and I hope this week is full of blessings!

--Elder Heimuli

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