Monday, June 20, 2011

Semana 27 - Cornrows, Krupping, Mosiah

Querido mi familia amada,

I am sending a ton of pictures your way, so I hope you like them! It's so great to hear how everyone is doing and to see the pictures of the two boys!

Houston & Harrison Corn-rowed (Courtesy: Pua)

They look so sick with cornrows! I made up my mind that I'm gonna grow my hair out when I get home haha! Speaking of which, my hair is getting pretty long now but I don't have time to cut I don't wanna total fail at cutting my own hair again ha.

This week has been pretty good! Yes Juan and Emily's legal stuff was all paid for and in the process of working, so now we are just waiting. I am hoping to hear word back this week so we can finalize everything, but I guess we'll just see how it goes. We're getting nervous cuz the transfer ends in a week and a half! Oh no! The time is just flying by here!

Thank you guys so much for the "Krup Day" package, I decided to re-name it that because "Bump Day" doesn't make sense (unless you can explain it to me) and we were Krupping the night I got the package! It was a good time!

Krupping with Elder Morris (guess there's only one chair in the house?)

Krazy krupping with "Beni & Hendy"

We have been finding a few people to teach and it's exciting! Sometimes it gets kind of depressing when it doesn't seem like you're making an impact, but you really don't know the effect of your work 'til it's all over. I hope to look back and see my efforts made a big difference.

Stake conference was really good! Stake President Parker spoke and he did such a good job. He used to be a baptist preacher (and you can really tell when he speaks to you. Kinda intimidating). When he found out that the LDS church was the true church, he said he was so angry! One because the missionaries had proved him wrong, and two because he hadn't been following the church of Christ his whole life. He's a really cool guy. Then we had a new member of the Seventy speak who happened to be a member of the stake. They all spoke on how important the doorway of love is. Love of God, your family, your spouse, your neighbor, and yourself. Going to the temple 2 times a month will strengthen your family relationships immensly as well as your relationship with God. Most importantly, how doing the small things ALWAYS is better than the big things SOMETIMES. Small things like scripture reading, praying daily, going to church every week, holding family home evening (morning).

I have finally given up reading in Spanish and have just read it all in English. I realized that I won't fall behind as easily haha. Recently I have found quite a few scriptures regarding missionary work. My favorite scripture this week is in Mosiah 23:10-11 which reads,

"no obstante, despue's de mucha tribulacio'n, el senor oyo' mi clamor y contesto' mis oraciones, y me ha hecho instrumento en sus manos para traer a tantos de vosotros al conocimiento de su verdad. Sin embargo, en esto no me glori'o, porque soy indigno de gloriarme."

(Note from Mom: For those who don't have Hema nearby to translate, or are too lazy to look it up - Nevertheless, after much tribulation, the Lord did hear my cries, and did answer my prayers, and has made me an instrument in his hands in bringing so many of you to a knowledge of his truth. Nevertheless, in this I do not glory, for I am unworthy to glory of myself.)

I only have my Spanish scriptures with me, but it basically says that despite all the trials I have called out to the lord and he answered my prayers. He has made me an instrument in his hands to bring all his children to the gospel. It's not my glory, but his. I have experienced this many times already: feeling inadequate and like nothing is happening despite my efforts, but as I call on the Lord HE will make me into the missionary that I want to be. It's through his permission that I can do this great work. I love that.

I love you all so much and pray for you guys every night before I go to bed...and that the cockroaches won't crawl on my face while i'm sleeping:)

This should keep the really large cockroaches off his face! All other cockroaches are welcome...

Love, Elder Heimuli

If you ever wondered why we need CNN when we have Fox's why -- a great place to stop for lunch!

Elder H designed his own Krup Day (or Bump Day) tie to celebrate 6 months in the mission...which tie is then ceremoniously torched in an intense Krup Day fire!

Uhhhmm, guys? Where's the huge fire? Anyone got a light?

Oh well, back to a fierce game of Krup-football...Heimuli at center, Hendy at Q, Beni on D, and Morris...Morris?

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