Monday, June 13, 2011

Semana 26 - P-Day, Early Father's Day, Krup Day?

(Note from Mom: The Heimuli Family has their holidays all mixed up. We celebrated Father's Day on Sunday, June 12, 2011...oh well. On Wednesday, June 15, Elder Heimuli will celebrate 6 months in the mission, a.k.a. "Bump Day" -- at least, that's what we thought it was called.)

Dear Family,

Sorry I'm writing so late, but I'm finally here! Everyone here is doing good, like always! Can't complain about anything, especially cuz it's P-day! Ummm...Oh, Norma has sent me a couple e-mails talking about their trip and it all sounds great! I'm sure their sad that they have to go backk to work but that's life haha. IIt was cool about Hema and Tyler teaching together, I'm sure it went a lot smoother than when they were comps cuz Hema can actually speak Spanish now.

I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for Houston to go to the camps this year. When he goes he should go play the positions that he wants to go out for, learn as much as he can, and play HARD! Especially at his age now, the camps will give him a small idea of how high school ball will be. It puts on display great athletes and the not so great at the same time so he can get a feel for who he should be competing (and winning) against. It's not comletely necessary in order for him to try out for BHS. If anything, at the Poly Camp, the BHS coaches will be watching out for him and how he does. It's a good oporitunity that way.

I know what you mean about Father's Day. I didn't even know it was next Sunday until after church hahaha. It was funny cuz we even had this thing where we ate food in the gym after the block to celebrate it. I was like, "Well, the Father's Day card will be a few days late, hope dad doesn't mind." Then the whole deal happens and Ybarra tells me that it's NEXT sunday but we had that thing because we have stake conference next week. So hey, I actually got a card out to someone not a couple days late, Good for me!! (The Lord provides!)

I love Houston's thing from the scriptures cuz it's kinda what I got out of it. Everyone's gonna burn--except if they use the atonement. We had a speaker come talk to us this past Tuesday at Zone Conference. He talked about how we need to put off the natural man (who is against God) in order to progress in this life. The natural man likes to be lazy, eat crappy food, party it up, get 19 on the ACT, etc...but doing everything the natural man will just get us a one way ticket to Hell. The Atonement is here for us to save us from that impending doom. Like it says in Mosiah 3:19, "...putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the Atonement of Christ..." I'm grateful for the mission because it gives us rules that pushes us towards that sainthood by doing things that the natural man would fight against. Wear boring clothes, go to bed at 10:30, wake up at 6:30, work all day, exercise, CONSTANTLY think of others, etc. It's very hard to do at first becuase all the rules seem lame, but it's all just how we overcome the natural man to obtain a higher plane of thinking in order to preach the gospel.

Like I said, we had Zone Conference this past Tuesday which was really great. We watched the talk that Elder Holland gave when I was in the MTC about missionary work. It was such a powerful talk--I loved it when he gave it in the MTC and I loved watching it again. The rest of the week has been pretty so-so. We're going to the court tomorrow to pay the money and get Juan and Emily's thing all figured out so that was great! (And now me and Morris are broke hahaha, but it's to save a soul!) We also met little boy whose Mom is an inactive member and his step dad isn't, but he wants to be baptized. We set a date for the 22nd of this month. Yay! Church we didn't have any investigators come, but we got Father's Day food...I'd probably have liked the investigators more haha.

As for the best thing, I'd say getting my tooth fixed haha! Sorry that happened, but the filling came out. Hope it wasn't a big hassle. I don't know which one Bree was but I'll tell her hi! As for the thing I need, this is random, but if could send me one of those 3D movie glasses if you just happen to have one of them lying around that'd be great!

Love all of you! Oh, and I don't understand why it's called "Bump Day" so i'm changing the name to "Krup Day."

Love, Elder Heimuli

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