Monday, June 11, 2012

Semana 78 - The Secret

I feel so happy even though the weather here is cloudy and kinda depressing haha. There's not really any reason why, I just feel so blessed to be a missionary and for having this opporitunity to grow and gain more of an eternal perspective on life. I have been thinking the past few weeks about how I've changed during the course of my mission.
This week has been good. We found a new investigator, Desaray, who just recently got our of juvi and really wants to change her life. We had some really great lessons with her this past week and she was so excited to come to church, but then sunday she couldn't come. Meh, that's how it is. We'll just keep working with her. Other than that we are still trying to revive the spanish end here. It's tough, especially cuz I have to translate and church just isn't the same experience when it's put through a mediocre translation, but we'll find a way.
It's kinda hard to think of what happened this past week haha. We just had a lot of meetings and I've been really busy trying to plan like a million things at once. We did go to a meeting with the stake presidency and they told us their take on how we could improve missionary work. The secret: the members. The whole CHURCH is starting to turn and move toward member missionary work. Members really do have a great impact on missionary work and we are all urged to reach out, speak up and show by example how we are blessed to have the gospel in our lives.

So I just went and got xrays today at the dentist. I have an appointment next wednesday @ 10 am to get a root canal in S. Um, the lady said I need to bring my insurance card and stuff, so maybe you could email me a copy of my card or you can fax the info to them or something. Just let me know what you want to do. It's not with Dr. Binns but a member that Dr. Farrar referred me to.
So all our investigators have kids. They are so awsome and we always have fun with them. Needless to say I am much more of a kids person now than when I was at home haha.

Here are some random pics of me and E. Nay and the S-G family...who kinda remind me of my Soliai cousins when we were younger hahaha.

We helped B with her laundry at the laundromat one day and then played around with her kids Jr. and Jennifer.  (Note from Mom: Notice how resourceful Jr and Elder Heimuli are.  No need to bring your own weapons to the laundromat when you can just use the video game guns.  This was probably a "draw" -- Jr has the bigger gun, but Elder H has two handguns.)

Then with A and her kids, they showed us a baby chicken they had. Poor chick -- those kids almost killed it several times hahahaha. They're awsome.

I did get the package from you guys and it was awsome. Newman loves the chocolate!
Sorry but I'm short winded this week. Everything is great here! I'll send pics!
--E. Heimuli

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