Monday, June 18, 2012

Semana 79 - The Best ME

Oh man, I'm doing great! and so is Newman. There has been a lot of things goin on this week but it's over now haha. Too fast.

So, yeah I went to Dr. Bristol's and got the root canal. They're awsome over there. Oh and Debbie told me the message that my mom loves me! Thanks! The root canal was supposed to be really quick cuz the tooth only had one root...but you know how I roll! instead of a 40 minute thing, it was about 2 hours. In Bristol's own words: "Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, " but no worries, it's all good! I feel awsome!
Missionaries in Alabama for a weenie roast (above: Elder Newman; below: Sisters Bushman & Johnson)

Linda isn't Newman's mom. She is a member out here. We went to her house in 'Bama for a weinie roast. I didn't ask Sister Bushman if she's related to Garrett, or to the super tall Elder in Hema's mission, but i definately will--she said her brothers are super tall!

This week my tire went flat three times, so I got really sick of that and just decided that we were gonna walk. Because of the loss of time we didn't teach as much as we were planning to but hey! God has a purpose in all things. While walking we found two potential investigators who were formers that we would have missed if we had biked. My mission has defiantely made me have more of a broader view on life and definately grow some patience haha.
It's amazing what you find when you walk instead of ride
Our father's day was good. Thought of my own dad a lot. We had some good talks on fathers and families. No investigators there to hear 'em but it's all good! We try and that's all that matters. It's a matter of free agency. We were invited into YM to talk about missionary work and why we went on missions. There are some really awsome youth here and they are iffy about going on missions, so we're trying to help. IDK if constant nagging is the way to do it ...I know that's not why I went.
With Alec, a YM in the ward who is thinking of going on a mission
Personally, every one needs to find the reason why a mission is for them. Of course, there's a doctrinal principle that goes along with this. There are 3 motivators for keeping the commandments: first and lowest is Fear. Fear (of disappointing parents, or tragedy) can motivate someone quickly, but fades just as quickly. 

Duty is the next one. Duty is an inward sense that you need to do something (because everybody else is doing it); it can motivate but it fades just the same. 

The last one and best motivator is Love. It's interesting that Love would be the best motivator because it is looking OUTWARD. Fear and Duty are all inward but Love is selfless. Because of love, God made the plan of happiness for us. Because of love, Jesus Christ carried out the Atonement for us. Because I love my family now (and my future family) and they deserve the best of me -- the best ME -- I had to go on a mission.

Elder Heimuli
All i can really do is share my testimony of what i've experienced on my mission and i know that it's AWSOME! Hema would agree, and almost any RM would say that. So, it's not ever about making someone do something, but rather about helping them understand WHY they need to do it. And then it all comes down to their free agency again.  There's a cool quote in PMG (Preach My Gospel) that says, "True doctrine understood changes behavior better than the study of behavior changes behavior." ...or something like that.
Anyways, I gotta run but I love you and i can't think of anything I need right now! Love you Mom! 

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